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To Blog or Not To Blog

Posted April 15th, 2008 at 12:33 AM by jbbnbsmith
When I saw that the new site allowed for users to create their own blog I thought, "Wow, now we will really be able to see some wasted bandwidth!" I'm sure there will be all sorts of blogs initiated, with most of the authors imagining that thousands will read their words and be inspired by their creativity, entertained by their wit, and impressed by their command of the english language. But I suspect that the vast majority of these blogs will go largely unread, and many purposely ignored.

So with that in mind, I figured why not begin a blog of my own? After all, surely one more badly written blog won't have any significantly negative impact on the world, will it? To the best of my knowledge, the act of me blogging will not hasten global warming, encourage drug trafficing, or encourage one more adolescent to refrain from the use of punctuation. So why not, say I.

After reaching a verdict to the "to blog or not to blog" decision, the next...

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