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Battle 4: Ambush in the Tundra

Posted October 24th, 2010 at 06:42 PM by Kaiyu
This is a battle summary for the game Heroes of ‘Scape.

Battle 4: Ambush in the Tundra


After the embarrassing failure in the desert, the Heroes venture north. They set up camp for the night in a sight of what appears to be an old ruin near a glacier.


An insight on the game itself: I let the players of the Heroes create this portion of the map, since it was “their” encampment after all, and I built the rest of the map around what they built, filling in the monsters afterwards.

A Human Monk, a Human Viking Warrior, a Human Divine Wizard, and a Human Samurai Archer were keeping warm around the fire when they hear the sound of angry growls behind them


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