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Trying to overcome the politics of a 3 player game.

Posted June 18th, 2008 at 10:53 PM by Majai of Dreams
Oops I did it again...

I tried to hold back and NOT draw attention in a 3 player game. But there is something about me being ME that makes people want to attack me.

I will say I LOVE Sujohah. But more for his speed than poison sting. I was singled out and attacked by a swarm of nagrubs lead by several hivelords. Well Every time I attacked I rolled so many skulls that the hivelord fell to standard attacks. Poison sting wasn't needed...

Then Zelrig came... And for the first time in all my years of playing heroscape, an explosion attack that targets more than 1 figure actually rolls 3 damage! So I lost 4 common units without a prayer due to majestic fires as well as Guilty McCreech.
Then I crushed Zelrig in retaliation with the 10th regiment...

So I have lost only 5 figures, and I have killed around 600 points of my enemies. Then the bulls eye appeared on me.

My opponents did not even start fighting each other until...

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