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Advanced Mapmaking Techniques

Posted April 30th, 2008 at 08:36 AM by Velenne
(This article was for the advanced mapmaker- someone who's been playing the game awhile and learned to recognize some of the subtler aspects of map design. The links have been updated for Heroscapers.com 2.0.)

Lesson 2: Maximizing Terrain

As Heroscape begins to age, its unique style and experience only gets better. Each expansion has brought news facets to the complex array of possibilities offered to those who call it their hobby. I have no doubt this trend will continue as Wizards of the Coast brings its own brand of fun and marketability to the product.

With this flexibility comes the daunting task of making the most of each of your new purchases. Iím writing this in the hopes of showing you what each expansion is capable of and how to use it to its best effect structurally, aesthetically, and mechanically. I will break down every type of terrain in this way.

It is wise to begin most of your maps with one of the two Master Sets:...

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