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Mixed Marvel Mineola Tourney Reinforcements

Posted March 15th, 2010 at 11:48 AM by kolakoski
Previously (see my blog entitled Mixed Marvel Mineola Tourney Mid-Season Revision), I posted the 1500 point pool, as revised, for this tournament series. We now have, I believe, 1 more session (maybe 2) before the playoffs. It has been decided that we may add 500 points to our pools, so that D1 units may be added, although the 500 Points may be from any wave. I currently plan to add Sonlen and the Hydra. Beyond that, I am torn. I could just take Braxas, forfeiting the extra 10 points, or I could take 2 squads of Phantom Knights + 80 additional points. I have pre-ordered 2 packs of Warriors of the Ghostlight Fen and 1 of the Warriors of the Heroes of Faerun.
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