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Tourney Report-Twin Cities Team Tournament!!

Posted June 14th, 2009 at 02:30 PM by Heroscape Elffy
Well, yesterday was my third tournament, my cousin's first, and my first Team Tournament. During the games, you could look around and see many people leaning to their right or left and talking in hushed voices to their partners. It was a very cool sight to see!! This tournament was dubbed 3T, the Twin Cities Team Tournaments (Twin Team Tournament...3T? haha?), King of the Jungle. Each of the four maps had jungle on them. Lava Flow (Alias QTip), Forks in the Road, Ticalla Outpost, and Ticalla Sunrise (GameBear) were the four maps. (Not sure who made Outpost and Forks, but GREAT JOB!)

400 point, single general, no glyph, 32 start zone spaces, 25 point cross-over

Devon - Q9, Q10, James Murhpy
Me - Blastatrons x2, Gladiatrons x2, Krav Maga, Otonashi
Total: 395

Round 1: Team Hoju (Hoju, LilHoju)
Forks in the Road
Hoju - Zelrig, 10th Foot x3
LilHoju - Braxas Q9
Yay! Zelrig, Braxas and Q9! I hated this game. Braxas...

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