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FFC #102 - February Update

Posted February 19th, 2023 at 06:57 PM by TGRF
TGRF's Fan Fiction Chronicles - Entry #102

A few things have changed since my last FFC, so the time is right for another one.

The first of these updates has been coming along for quite some time, and that is the completion of book 4 of the Dilmir series, and of the series itself. I finished the writing of the story this morning.

There's still a bit to do - there are some edits I want to make, then I need to proofread it, which will take a few days. A few things need to be added to the beginning and end as well. All together, I would guess that you can expect to see the story posted by next week.

This brings me onto the second update, which concerns the novel I've been planning for awhile. This novel will be fantasy, and as such will have a magic system. The magic system is a very important part of the plot, and as a result, I'm having trouble coming up with one which suits all of my needs. I don't want to proceed with that...
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Quarterly Classic Custom Competitions are Back

Posted February 16th, 2023 at 05:08 AM by truth
Winter Custom Competition!

Life, death. Good, evil. Undeath, un ... life? Who can say where these lines are drawn, and who can find a straightedge to draw them properly? Do all good things come to an end, or is every ending a new beginning? Now, the real question: can you answer any of these questions? One thing is for sure, the QC3 can only hope to answer these with your help.

This new beginning sees us return to a simpler time: a time when knights were knights and phantoms were nightmares. Check out the QC3HQ for more details and be sure to get your entry in by March 1st to qualify for the fabulous prizes.*

*No, there aren't prizes this time, either. If that's your sort of thing check out Sir HeroScape's Champions' Circle League!
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FFC #101 - The Return

Posted February 6th, 2023 at 04:18 PM by TGRF
TGRF's Fan Fiction Chronicles - Entry #101

I wanted to write this quick update, because things are stirring and plans are forming. First off though:

Dilmir 4 is continuing to move along at a decent pace. According to my outline, I'm around 1/4 of the way through, though my guess would be closer to 1/3 through the actual material. Either way, the story is looking to be rather hefty, once again leaning towards the 150 page area. I'm having to rework the outline a bit as I go, because some areas I'm not super happy with from a convenience stand point, but so far everything is working. I'd say a late February/early March release still looks likely.

In my last FFC, I wrote down my thoughts about how I've been rushing the development of stories. In summary, I basically haven't been giving story premises enough time to really flesh out, and have instead been going ahead with only parts of the premise, extrapolating...
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Champions' Circle League Announced!

Posted February 6th, 2023 at 10:20 AM by truth
Sir Heroscape is launching a new online tournament league, the Champions' Circle League. This league will be online and one of the big headlines features is that it features a $1000 prize pool! Here is the announcement video with all of the details:

and here is some additional information Sir Heroscape passed along:
Originally Posted by Sir Heroscape
Registration is live NOW. Qualifier #1 begins @11am on March 4th CST

The Heroscape community is an incredible one...and why not give back to those that have given so much. The first season of the Champion's Circle League (CCL) will feature over $1,000 worth of prizes for participants throughout the year.

Come participate in the 4 qualifier events, and work your way to the CCL Finals where honor, riches and glory await.

Register for the first qualifier on http://heroscape.org. The entry fee is $8. Begin prepping
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