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Fan Art Spotlight - March 2016

Posted March 22nd, 2016 at 02:32 PM by HS Codex

From the Desk of a Frostrager
A fan art spotlight
Author: Evar Scarcarver

Every month now, I must try and figure out what to write about that has a vaguely Heroscape theme that I can hopefully tie into whatever is going on in my life and/or whatever this month’s spotlighted piece of art is. It is quite an interesting process, that has mainly consisted of me staring at my computer screen (which shows a blank document) and trying to figure out what to write. Sometimes, I take a break from not writing to go and get a snack.

This month, I had chosen the spotlighted art well in advance, and contacted the artist to get their permission on using it with time to spare. Then, every day for the next week or so, I’d open up my blank document with the title at the top, and stare at it for a while. Normally, when I get to this stage, within an hour, I’m randomly inspired to write something. This time, the process was not going as smoothly.

I decided to switch it up, and actually go look at art while thinking about what to write about art. I went and looked at assorted HeroScape fan art, then at this month’s spotlighted art again. Speaking of which, this month we have a drawing titled “Krug the Ogre” by DeviantArt user Grunt88 . I’m a sucker for pencil drawings, so when I saw this one I knew I had to spotlight it.

It’s not what you would call a complex drawing, but it’s obvious that the artist is technically skilled. His use of foreshortening is well done, but not over-dramatized, which gives Krug a very candid look without seeming unrealistic—something difficult to pull off in a pencil sketch. I mean, look at the happy smile on his face! He looks like he just won the lottery!

The artist uses shading just as tastefully, using soft areas of penciling to add a subtle depth to the sketch. Paired with the well placed details—the rope binding, the curve in his armor, the texture on his sword—the composition comes together nicely. It’s hard to engineer the details so that they create interest without being distracting, but that is done well here.

Anyway, looking at this great drawing of Krug reminded me of the old debate of Krug vs. Evar Scarcarver. Personally, I don’t think the debate makes any sense, as the figures play completely different strategic roles in a game, but it’s still a classic matchup in my mind. Which doesn’t really work as a subject for my column, but it made me want to go draw the frostrager.

The point, if there is one, is that inspiration begets inspiration. I could not, as much as I would have liked, spawn inspiration for this article out of sheer will and the fact that the deadline was looming. The HeroScape figure of Krug inspired this drawing, and that inspired me to go draw the one pictured below:

I consider it slightly less tasteful than Grunt88 ’s, but I had fun drawing it just the same. And the reason I drew it inspired the theme of this spotlight, which is indeed inspiration itself. Cool, huh?

I think that’s one of the things that makes the HeroScape community so strong. We are inspired by this board game, and in turn, we reinspire one another to continue to do more with it; to create more; to build more; and yes, to play more. I hope that’s what the Codex does for you, giving you little snippets of inspiration, whether it be to build another army, construct another map, write another story, or draw one more picture.

I implore you to share the things you do and the things you make. Because almost undoubtedly, as has happened time and time again to me with this community, it will inspire someone else.

Keep on inspiring.


You can find more of Grunt88´s work at his DeviantArt page.
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The HoSS Strategy article will be delayed by one or two days. Don't worry - it's coming!
Posted March 26th, 2016 at 06:52 PM by The Grim Reaper's Friend The Grim Reaper's Friend is offline
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