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Examining the Guard Class in Heroscape Part 2: Blastatrons

Posted July 15th, 2010 at 04:44 PM by Filthy the Clown
As we continue our analysis of members of the Guard class, let's take a look at the only 4-member ranged squad in the Guard class: Blastatrons.

The Blastatrons have a lot going for them: they are soulborgs (thus immune to a host of vulnerabilities); 7 range, 4-unit squad (15 points each; cheaper than 10th Regiment, Minutemen, and Mohicans, whom they have a loose comparison too); and movement bonding with Gladiatrons. However, with weak defensive stats, as well as a paltry base attack of 1 (according to Sisyphus's tables, an attack of 1 will only cause a wound on a defense of 3 about 15% of the time), they must utilize a 'ranged firebase' approach, with as many attack enhancements as they can get, to fulfill their guard obligation: namely, protecting their assets with ranged fire, as well as melee engagement when the need arises.

The Blastatrons...

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