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Another units-used update.

Posted May 21st, 2011 at 06:44 PM by ollie
The Green Mountain Montage II today let us bring three 500pt armies from which we chose one to compete across some wandering monsters against the opponent.

Seven new units, spread quite widely across waves/generals/planets/etc. Atlaga and Protectors, with Raelin (RotV)'s help, went 2-2; Iron Man and the Warforged won a game while Marcu relaxed in the startzone and Kato and a swarm of Ashigaru won two. That's now 138 units, or about 63%.

Here are the new tables. Vydar goes back to the top of the general one, but the three-way near-tie is not really changed. Ullar continues to make ground. Waves 7 and 8 are getting close to complete. Kyntela is top of my wish list now; I'm eager to try her in an Acorlarh/Aubriens build when the right point total and format comes along. Moriko and the Groks are needed to finish out Wave 8.

		Win	Loss	Diff
Isamu		26	7	19
Rats		27	10	17
Raelin (RotV)	23	6	17
Krav Maga
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Units used update

Posted April 17th, 2011 at 08:00 AM by ollie
Updated April 17th, 2011 at 08:14 AM by ollie
Battle at the Border IV yesterday. A great event! 840pt pool with scenarios requiring you to field some multiple of 140pts. Here's my pool:

Tor-Kul-Na (4-1), Nagrubs x2 (3-1), Major Q9 (3-1), Warriors of Ashra x2 (3-1), Eltahale (5-0), Phantom Knights x2 (2-1).

Only two new units: Eltahale and Warriors of Ashra. I'd only played one tournament game with the Phantom Knights before, so they felt new too.

Here are the new tables. Like last year, I only included the units I brought and not the ones on the table because of the scenario. Quite a few new units almost made the final cut but not quite: Aubriens, Master of the Hunt, Siege and Kumiko were in contention right until five minutes before the tournament started.

Nothing particular of note. Jandar goes back to the top of the General table but he, Utgar and Vydar are all essentially equal still.

		Win	Loss	Diff
Isamu		26	7	19
Rats		27
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Four years at heroscapers.com

Posted March 19th, 2011 at 11:19 AM by ollie
Today marks four years since I registered at the site (and so four-and-a-bit since I first discovered 'scape). Woo!

I thought that it would make a good time to reflect on all the great times I've had with the game and in the community, but I think that would deflect from the main message I want to send today: thank you all for making this site and this game the excellent activities that they are. I'm proud to be a part of it.

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TotalCon: units used update.

Posted March 1st, 2011 at 06:02 PM by ollie
It's been a couple of tournaments since I updated my units used list. Here it is now.

TotalCon this weekend added five new ones (Frost Giant, Shurrak, Crixus, Marrden Hounds, Estivara). It would have been more, but I was trying (unsuccessfully) to win an event with a deathwalker and I also forgot that I'd already used Iskra and the Rechets in a previous event. That previous event was a draft where I only used them once, so I now feel that I've used them "properly" so I'm not disappointed (and, more importantly, they were great fun to play).

Also, Revelations last year added Axegrinders, Darrak and Migol.

Other things of note: first D3 unit (Frost Giant), another tied game giving some more x.5 scores and Utgar moves to the top of the General table.

Win/loss records for each unit I've used (up to TotalCon, Feb 2011):			

		Win	Loss	Diff
Isamu		26	7	19
Rats		27	10	17
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Posted October 25th, 2010 at 09:35 AM by ollie
Two great events since my last update NHSD in RI and Revelations in NY. Here are the armies and my results:

Originally Posted by ollie View Post
Scape-A-Palooza III: NHSD in the Northeast, October 2010, RI (475pt armies)
Krug, Swogs x4, Arrow Gruts x4, Raelin, Isamu (2-1)
Iron Golem, Nakita Agents, James Murphy, Gorillinators x2 (1-2)
Tor-Kul-Na, Nagrubs x3, Krav Maga Agents, Shiori (2-1)
Su-Bak-Na, Drones x4, Dividers x2, Isamu (1-0)
Results: 6-4
Won against: Patrick, Dylan, TehFattestNinja, Marroking's brother, Jimmy, Loborocket. Lost to: Scapemage921, Ugly1HornedMule, TheGuru, SuperEsenwein

Revelations III, October 2010, NY (520pt armies)
Migol, Darrak, Axegrinders x5
Results: 3-1
Won against: Tim Sweeney, Thomas O, Dan. Lost to: Kinseth

Overall record: 118.5-44.5, for a 72.7% win rate.
Notable unit-variety achievements: Krug, Swog Riders and Drones complete Wave 2. Twelve new units in total...
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