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More Low- and Zero-Hit Google Searches

Posted January 13th, 2009 at 05:44 PM by Mr Migraine
Okay, I wanted to make a list of my own, after reading Fuzzie Fuzz'es blog on the same topic.

Zero-hit searches

"Shaniqua has a red hat"
"it smells of rotten time machines"
"I do it for the free pretzels"
"firefox is on my clothes"
"kangaroos can tango" (from EP)

And some apparently un-original searches

"angry toothpaste" = 118 hits
"my emu ate my homework" = 101 hits (apparently it's a t-shirt...)
"the fat skinny person" = 9 hits
"heroscape tastes good" = 1 hit (from heroscapers )
"wikipedia is always right" = 418 hits
"James train wreck" = 490 hits
"pencils make the world go 'round" = 8 hits
"google is neato" = 7 hits
"the dust bunny talks to me" = 1 hit
"jhdsfgk" = 5 hits
"marbles are...

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