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Hey, I have a blog.

Posted October 27th, 2016 at 07:40 PM by hose
I didn’t realize I had a blog until a little bit ago. I am mostly a lurker on the site, and don’t have much to say. So, what to do with this thing? For the longest time, I couldn’t think of any use for this. Now I have one. I am going to use to use it to document my thoughts as I make my own customization of Heroscape.
A little bit about me. I was that kid that would take ALL of his toys and have massive battles between all the forces. Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, MASK, army men, everything was involved. I would line all the “good guys” on one side of the kitchen with their fortifications (Castle Grayskull, the Pit, whatever else.) And then line up all the “bad guys” on the other side with all my blocks used to create a massive wall. I love those kinds of massive battles.
I also love RTS games and turn-based games that involve base building, research, economy, and attacking. Games like Lords of the Realm, Fantasy Empires, Master of Orion are some of my favorites. I am going to pull a lot of concepts from games like these. I also love the “permanence” of Dawn of War Kronus Campaign. If I have Drake in an army in the north of a map, Drake and that army can’t also be fighting in the south. There is an old Star Wars video game called Rebellion. It has a lot of problems, but I still love it. I hope to get my campaign up to scale of Rebellion eventually. Using Heroscape armies to conquer the known galaxy seems pretty cool to me.
This concept of a long term galactic conflict is also of interest to Hosey. He is my son and my main Heroscape opponent. But he has moved away, and we don’t get to play as much. So I am going to try to figure out a way to control the other faction’s armies. He can then jump in if he wants wherever he wants. I probably will just make random decisions instead of any kind of strategy. And I am going to try to work my way up to having all the factions fighting at the same time.
It is obviously going to take a while to flesh out, longer to test, and probably even longer to go through one campaign. I have had these ideas bumping around my head for the last few years, so I figured it was time to put some of them down on paper and try them out. It’s the kind of thing you do mostly for yourself, but I thought I would share too. Maybe by the time I retire at 80 I will have a few years to play through it. I hope to slowly test a few ideas here and there and post my results every month or so. That’s the plan; we will see how it plays out.
I hope this made some sense and wasn’t all rambling.  Thanks for reading.
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