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Why I Left the C3V

Posted February 26th, 2016 at 12:15 AM by Xotli
Why I Left the C3V

It is with great sadness and a touch of bitterness that I stepped down from my position in the C3V earlier today. I joined the C3V on its Editing team a little over 5 years agoóless than a month after its inception. I wasnít the first Editor chosen (that honor belongs to Agent Minivann), but I think I could make an argument for being the second; certainly Iím the only current Editor who has been on that team since the beginning.

For much of that time Iíve been very pleased with what we were able to accomplish, and Iím still happy with some aspects of the project, and several of its members. But the parts that I enjoy have been steadily decreasing throughout the years, and lately Iíve come to dread having to post on C3V issues, and thatís not how one should feel about anything that has to do with oneís favorite game. I still want to think of Heroscape as a fun hobby that I share with my children and friends. So I feel like I have to
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