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Conversations with Craig

Posted August 17th, 2006 at 04:55 PM by Buddy Lee

All right peeps. You fellow 'Scapers and addicts. You want the scoop? You want the poop (Hee, hee. He said "poop")? Well, I'm gonna laydown the lowdown in your part of town. Read on intrepid adventurer.

After all the events were finished on Saturday I decided to roam the Exhibit Hall at Gen Con in my never ending quest to free... wait, scratch that. Anyways, as I wondered around I was magically summoned to the realm of Valhalla (Okay, I walked over to the HeroScape display). It was there that I met with the man, the master, the great designer himself, Mr. Craig VanNess. Let me first say that he is a great guy. A gamer's game designer. I truly believe that he wants to not only design good games, but design them to be played in a manner that will always instill a sense of joy for the players. Ladies and Gentlemen we could not ask for a more dedicated or competent...
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