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GC 2016 day 1

Posted August 24th, 2016 at 09:31 PM by Hendal
Hey All,

So Gencon 2016 was a success, it was a crazy time to say the least. I won my dice for the 4x500 on day 2, got 2nd on day one for 4x400, I lost to George who I played again on day 2 for the dice, so glad I won one of the 2, he he. I had to take the bus and my stuff was as disorganized as ever. This is a reminder to myself to actually have armies ready to go, even if I change them last minute, that is fine.
So I got to go into the dealer hall an hour early with all the fancy pants people and it was a dream come true for me ( I have been dreaming of this for over 8 years ). I lucked in to being at the very front of the line, and am a very fast walker ( the only person who passed me was running and was being yelled at the whole time, no one passed me, and a couple people working the booths where like - that guy has it going on ). I went right to , wait for it, Plaid Hat games to try and get SeaFall, I have no clue how but people where there before me. The VIG's gets first dibs so they had their own line and could trickle in, while I was 3rd in line of the others. I waited 5 minutes and said , nah lets get real. I help set up Heroscape on Wend. before the Convention is officially open I always get into he dealer hall and run all around. So I new right where the booth that had used HS mini's and was the only guy there, I bought $500 worth of scape figures. They where $4 each , he gave them to me for $2.85 I think is what it came out to.. I have a ton of Heirlooms and Rhogar Dragonspine if anyone needs one, pm me. I was the happiest kid there I tell you. But no one else was at the booth till I was almost down, and they where looking at D&D stuff, not HS, losers ( he he, just kidding ). But then I got to walk the dealer hall with basically no one in it, kinda spooky, like a ghost town with people in it. Lots of people wanted me to demo games, and I laughed and kept walking ( no way I am demo'ing a game and not enjoying walking around a deserted dealer hall). Marguerite Wise ( ? The D&D writer ) was at her booth talking to people, I walked up, said hello I have always been a fan, got to shake her hand and walked off. The best to me was everyone asking how I was , I raised a big bag high in the air and said I just bought $500 in HS figures I am on top of the world.
To be honest I think I was walking on a cloud the first 2 days from that, you could not have brought me down if you tried, I was just blown away that I got to do that, Thank You Joe & Mark - who made this happen for me. So all I did after that was play Heroscape.
First up was the Flex Tourney, a new event for GC, and a great one that was very successful. So, I was walking on a cloud and had forgotten about Heroscape and the Flex. When you spend 8-12 hours 8 years in a row playing HS, your body just goes back to the HS area like you are going home. I was walking on a cloud and got to the HS area to brag about my score and Vincent, one of the very nicest players we have at GC, asks if I am in the Flex, I am like what , huh, um, I have a ticket, oh yea, what time is it down here on earth, 11 AM, time to rumble. So Flex is just about playing the game, having a great time, and getting in on a random drawing for a prize. I got in 2 games against Rycean and won them both, felt good. Then I am the odd man out, and a young kid wants in but has no scape stuff, so I buy him a ticket and we make an army with the stuff I have, and we play a game, I crush him, but he had a rag tag army. Then I get to play Brad ( scapers dad's son ) 2 games with another ragtag army we built from my stuff. I won both those but had a way better army. I then played another game and I forget against who, I know I played Cody at some point, not sure if it was him, but I won. Then was the 4x400 Tourney, I love these cause your playing something different every time, it is tough on me being so unorganized ( I lost a figure while sitting in the same spot in between 2 games ). I am most stressed about misplacing a card or a figure, playing the game is easy, being organized for me is not. So anyways I got 3-0, had a blast and face George for the finals, we are the only 3-0 people, he has the better army for the match up, his 4th mass verses my stingers, he has better range and 1 more guy, brutal, but it was close so I feel I played very well, and playing George is always a fun time, he is someone you have to be careful with cause it is so easy to just talk and BS and forget that we are timed and need to play faster ( he is that nice and smart, someone you want to talk to). So I got 2nd, but no real prizes

Sadly this year there where no shirts and no real prizes beside dice. So I donated over $150 in figures I just bought and those where the prizes. Any kids under 18 or under got to pick a prize for just entering a tourney, and most got 2 picks, I really went out of my way to give out stuff to the kids, thinking they are our best chance to keep GC scaping alive.
I always give out candy bars, granola bars, and other snacks. This year is was cool having dehydrated mangos I made myself in Costa Rica and brought them up. To be honest they where not a big hit with most people, but I loved them and a lot of people really enjoyed them and I got to give a bunch of people small bags to take with them, so that was a success for me.
I should mention I stayed with my 33 year old niece on Tues. and was with her working at the Ohio State fair till 11:30 pm, then we went drinking till 1:30 ( I did not want to but she is my ride and I am staying at her place ), so I went into this GenCon Tired already, which is not the best case scenario with how little sleep I get during GC. This is a reminder to myself that I do not want that to happen next year.

A shout out to SWNinja and his wife - they where sorely missed this year. They are usually my running mates there and it felt weird not having them there to, well to do everything with. They promised it won't happen again and I have basically forgiven them. He and Ry are who I am basically competing against to get dice, anyone else I am happy for but these 2 - I need to get mine before they do ( ry and I got our dice at the same time this year - different events at teh same time, I did get 2 extra dice for good sportsmanship ( or being the loudest guy there, not sure which really ) but I ended up giving them away ).
So anyways, GC is great and I am sure it has so much more to offer, but I am truly happiest just playing HS 8 hours + a day. I know from 2 years ago 12 hours is to much HS for even me, but the rest of the Con can live with out me, but I am not sure I can live with out the HS and the coolest community I have seen or heard about at GC. And Next Year there will be shirts as prizes at GC, I know I can help make that happen.

I got to ride from Dayton to Indy with Wookie on the bus. We where to loud and where threatened to be kicked off the bus if we made anymore noise ( so we had to write to each other, laughing very quietly ) and I taught him how to play Star Realms on my tablet. We hung out and he got to help set up HS on Wend. with me and the awesome set up crew. It amazes me that people who hardly play HS at GC are willing to help set it up and be a judge during tourneys, just a great community. I always have fun on Wend., just so much excitement in the air.

OK, I will continue next time with day 2, till then

Game ON'
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Sylvano the Wasabus's Avatar
sounds amazing! Thanks for the report
Posted August 25th, 2016 at 01:03 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus Sylvano the Wasabus is offline
vegietarian18's Avatar
I didn't know about the free prizes for 18 and under, this was the last year I could have got those Now I have no motivation to be the future of GenCon
Posted August 25th, 2016 at 01:46 PM by vegietarian18 vegietarian18 is offline
Hendal's Avatar
Hey Veg., did not know you where only 18, to be honest I would have gone 17 and under, but an 18 year old was losing every game he played, so I said you get prizes. To be honest I think you where the future of GC scapers years and years ago, since you are winning dice already. But if you feel left out, let me know I can still send you some figures.
Posted August 25th, 2016 at 02:17 PM by Hendal Hendal is offline
vegietarian18's Avatar
No, you don't worry about it. I'm glad the figures are going to people who need them. I will be going to GenCon every year that I can for a long time
Posted August 25th, 2016 at 03:29 PM by vegietarian18 vegietarian18 is offline
Hendal's Avatar
see there, you are the future of HS and I guess you did not know it. Yea I was trying to help the newer scapers who don't have everything, I do not think you are in that group though. And to be honest I thought you where older, but what do I know I am an old man
Posted August 26th, 2016 at 08:25 AM by Hendal Hendal is offline
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