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Scaper of the Week #45 - Matthias Maccabeus

Posted March 21st, 2010 at 04:44 PM by rym
Perhaps no other 'Scaper of the Week intrigues me more than Matthias Maccabeus. Before I got to know him and solicit his advice for NHSD '08 (as well, to a lesser extent, NHSD '09), Matthias Maccabeus was just another member on the boards who's posts I read with the same respect and regard I gave any other member.

Then I saw - and learned - that he was a big proponent of melee armies, almost exclusively, and right or wrong, for better or worse, my respect for him increased. I've always loved the melee units in Heroscape, and always wanted to be able to field them in tournament-style atmospheres, as opposed to just fielding them in the more friendly-style games at home.

The Macdirks, the Shaolin Monks, Heavy Gruts, Knights of Weston, and the Axegrinders of Burning Forge. So cool, and this guy knew how to make them viable. Matthias helped me to a 3rd place finish at NHSD '08 (and possibly first place but for one bad OM placement. Arrgh, I'm still not bitter about...

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