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Blood Meridian!

Posted Yesterday at 09:41 PM by kolakoski
Updated Today at 01:20 PM by kolakoski

Well met!

Many lessons learned from The Power Cosmic! applied here. Blood Meridian is a book by Cormac McCarthy, based on historical events that took place on the Texas-Mexico border in the mid-19th century, where aboriginal Americans are being murdered and the market for their scalps is thriving. Our "heroes" discovered that Mexican scalps were indistinguishable from those of aboriginal Americans, so they slaughtered everyone they encountered. Hope you like it . . .

Blood Meridian!

"Hides and hair. They're paying good money, and they don't care where they came from. Now get out there and get to killin'!"

Map: [/B]Guerilla
Date Uploaded:
1 SotM, 1 BftU, 1 TJ[B]

Map. Guerilla by Dignan. Replace Power Glyphs with Glyphs of Wannok.

Glyph of Wannok (Wound).
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worthless thread clother plotting in his secret island lair
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