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Writing Update #2 - December

Posted December 25th, 2023 at 11:52 PM by TGRF
TGRF's Writing Updates - December

Progress has been made in my writing endeavors since my last update, so as the year comes to a close, I'll share with you where I'm at, and what comes next.

Worldbuilding for the novel series has progressed smoothly, resulting in the world being nearly entirely built. All areas are covered and details known. At this point, I'm ready to dive into the story, and start working on the plot and characters involved.

The world doesn't feel entirely alive yet, but that is only due to not having written anything in it. A simple fix for this could be to write some small snippets, playing out known events in history, just to get a feeling for the world. Unfortunately, if this happens, those snippets will not be posted here, as they would reveal the world and possibly characters of my novels prematurely.

For now, I need to finalize some details, and then move on to the story proper. There are several plot details I need to iron out. Once those are done, I should be ready to start working on character arcs, which will give me a better sense of the story in detail. After character arcs, there will be work on the plot to do, including stakes and conflict development. That's in the hazy future right now, but will be coming.

Given how fast I've recently turned out fan fictions, I would currently speculate that the first novel could be written by this time next year, with the subsequent two novels each taking approximately six months, assuming the publisher wants them written. This is of course a very rough estimation at this time.

Moving Forward
Going into the new year, there will be one major change which could impact my writing time. I will be starting a new job in the dental field (great room for writing expansion, I know), with the training starting in January, and the job itself likely starting sometime in March or soon after.

I don't know what my hours will be like at this point, so it's hard to tell how this will affect my writing. I'm hoping to keep the development going at a steady - if diminished - pace, but time will tell.

Fan Fiction
To finish up this update, I want to mention fan fiction once again. When I wrote the last update back in November, the magic system for my novels wasn't solidified yet, with the result that much of the worldbuilding was still up in the air. Thus, I was waffling back and forth on interest.

With the magic system and world locked down now, interest for the novels is high, meaning it is currently highly unlikely that any fan fiction endeavors will be happening soon. As we all know, this can change at the drop of a hat, but for now, nothing is in the works, and I don't plan on starting any fan fiction - long or otherwise - for the foreseeable future.

That does not mean fan fiction is off the table. This new dental job could affect my writing mood in strange new ways, allowing me to split my attention. Or I could reach a point in development where I need a good break from the novels, at which time I might be able to conjure up a short fan fiction or two. Time will tell.

Until then, keep reading.

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TheAverageFan's Avatar
Dentistry, huh? Will you actually be picking at people's teeth or is it just in that field?

I'm looking forward to your novel development. I will of course read it when it's finished, be it on here or wherever. Unless you plan on waiting for a publisher to pick it up

I'm also looking forward to seeing this magic system in action, whatever form it takes. I assume it's going to be pretty central to the story as a whole, given that you started with that before even starting on writing things like the characters

Posted December 27th, 2023 at 04:30 PM by TheAverageFan TheAverageFan is offline
TGRF's Avatar
Yes, the magic system will be central in a thematic and plot sense. I knew exactly what I needed it to do for the story, and I also knew the world would be built around it, so it just made sense to start with it. I already had a good idea of the basic plot going forwards, so that helped as well.

My plan currently is to get an agent on board once the novel is written. They will be able to not only get me published, but get me the best deal with a publisher (because they get paid through a cut of what I make). If for some reason that doesn't work out, then I'll look at self/online publishing. But physical book is the plan so far.

And yes, I will apparently be picking at people's teeth. I may be able to specialize out of that though. We'll see.

Posted December 28th, 2023 at 07:37 PM by TGRF TGRF is offline
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