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Scaper of the Month May 2016

Posted May 10th, 2016 at 08:52 PM by HS Codex

‘Scaper of the Month: Capsocrates
Author: Fi Skirata


Who are you really?
This is the hardest question on this whole survey. I want to take Jesus seriously. I spend an absurd amount of time thinking about gaming. I'm pretty sure there's a contradiction in there ... I'm also married with two kids and think my family is awesome. Oh, and I was homeschooled from 1st – 1
2th grade.

How old are you?
I'm in my mid-20s.

What is your occupation?
I'm a software engineer. I work with C++ and think the language, in its newer form, is pretty cool.

What other interests do you have?
I like strategy board games, of course. I also like to play video games occasionally. I really enjoy my job and occasionally work on personal coding projects in my free time. I am, sporadically, a voracious reader.

What's another board game/RPG you enjoy and why?
Right now I'm really into the Pathfinder RPG. It's an offshoot of the “open source” D&D 3.5, but much better. I also really enjoy X-Wing.


When and how did you get into Heroscape?
The spring of my freshman year I went with my roommate to a professor’s house to play. They interpreted quite a few rules wrong, had no idea about common squads, and tended to play 5+ player free-for-all on gargantuan randomized maps. I fell in love with the game almost instantly.

You were one of the founding members of the custom group Heroes of Middle Earth (HoME); what can you tell us about its formation?
The idea was to do something similar to C3V, but exclusively for Lord of the Rings characters. We initially overdid it in requiring too much playtesting. That was mostly my fault.

HoME currently has one figure on the workbench, but what are your plans for the future? Will you release figures one at a time or in larger releases?
It largely depends on what the membership wants to do. I'm the most, uh, persistent member (I can't call myself very active there), and also one of the only ERB members, but that kind of project can't be a one-man show. It is not up to just me.

That said, I hope we will grow and I hope we will be able to release all of the Fellowship together. We would have to see after that.

Readers, if you want to see community-playtested Lord of the Rings customs, or just get your feet wet with custom groups, HoME is looking for more playtesters and members. Meanwhile, I think Sherman Davies has some pretty nice designs, and I think he playtests them as well.

Having been a member of C3V and SoV, did you have any favorite designs?
Quite a few. Martial la Hire might be my favorite. I love the Varkaanans—the theme, the way they look, their unique playstyle. The Ebon Armor are pretty cool too. C3V and SoV have both put out a lot of great stuff.

As the synergies and strategies continue to evolve with C3V/SoV, how do you see the game changing in the future?
I hope Valhalla Customs open at least as many “holes” as they fill.

New units always change the game, but I'm pleased with how the metagame hasn't been completely turned on its head with VC releases. The stuff that was good before is, by and large, still good. Some units have some harder counters now, but it just makes the meta more varied. That's a good thing and I expect it to continue.


What do you enjoy most about Heroscapers.com?
It is hands-down the best online community I've ever been a part of. The people are friendly, they know how to respectfully disagree (most of the time). There is a lot of creativity in the people here. I think it is a fun place to be around.

Describe your favorite Heroscape moment.
Heroscape is for me like the friend you've had for so long that you can't even pick which of your memories with them is your favorite.

Is there any member of Heroscapers.com you’d really like to play against?
I’ve had the honor of playing with quite a few Heroscapers, online and in person, over the years. I would probably have to say Aldin or 1Mmirg.

Lie Detector:
  1. I’ve met and shaken hands with President Obama.
  2. I have a massive anime collection.
  3. I’ve never completed a personal programming project.
  4. I love gardening.

Three Fun Favorites:

Favorite Video Game:
My favorite video game? Enh, it varies depending on my mood. Age of Kings is pretty high up there. I think it is great they've been releasing new expansions for that game.

Favorite Book:
Impossible to say. The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien and the Aubrey/Maturin novels by Patrick O’Brian are pretty up there though. You should definitely check those out if you are a fan of either nautical fiction or even just of great literature.

Favorite Movie:
Oof, tough choice. Probably something by the Coen brothers. Maybe a Tarantino movie—I’ve only seen a few of his but I thought they were pretty great.


What message do you have for the ‘Scaper community?
Keep on keepin’ on.

Whom do you pick for the next ‘Scaper of the Month?
Brandonwiker: I hear he’s been making some cool ‘Scape videos.
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HS Codex's Avatar
We apologize for the lateness of this article. The fault is ours, not the contributor's.
Posted May 10th, 2016 at 08:53 PM by HS Codex HS Codex is offline
Tornado's Avatar
Great interview caps.

What are those coding projects you mentioned?
Anything game related?
Posted May 12th, 2016 at 02:43 PM by Tornado Tornado is offline
capsocrates's Avatar
Some of the projects I'm currently working on are a Dominion randomizer-shuffler and a tool for rapidly prototyping games with my friends.
Posted June 5th, 2016 at 08:00 PM by capsocrates capsocrates is offline
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