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Power Rankings Revealed II

Posted May 15th, 2007 at 10:02 AM by Jormi_Boced

The votes are in, and for this week of Power Rankings Revealed, the monkeys reign supreme! Gorillinators had the most interest from the poll in the Power Rankings Thread and the Ninjas of the Northern Wind came in second, so they are the two featured units of the month. While both squads are sometimes overlooked as tournament-worthy, one might be surprised to hear of their success stories on the battlefield. Once neglected as one of the worst squads in the game, the Gorillinators became increasingly popular with the release of the Nakita Agents. The Ninjas of the Northern Wind have enjoyed popularity ever since their release, but they are often seen as too D-20 oriented. Jormi_Boced looks to shed some light on how to best use the Ninjas, and spider_poison delves into the strategies and armies best employed with the Gorillinators.

I must admit that when wave three...
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Power Rankings Revealed

Posted March 28th, 2007 at 06:04 PM by Jormi_Boced

With the Heroscape tourney scene becoming more and more popular, Heroscape players look to bring their best game and army to tournaments. Heroscapers spider_poison and Jormi_Boced look to offer some of their advice based off of the Heroscape Power Rankings thread. Spider has played and won in various tournaments in the Midwest and also claims the title of Heroscape Gen-Con Champion and Mindshackle Champion. Jormi has won a Gen-Con tournament in addition to the most recent Midwest tournament. Both look to offer some insights on the strengths and weaknesses of a wide variety of Heroscape units in their monthly segment, Power Rankings Revealed. With the new Swarm of the Marro master set around the corner, spider_poison and Jormi_Boced look to some of their current favorite Marro units. Spider will discuss his favorite squad, while Jormi explains the benefits of an often misunderstood Marro hero.

Marro Warriors

Marro Warriors are...
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