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Fan Fiction Competition

Posted October 11th, 2015 at 07:28 AM by truth

Feel like trying your hand at writing? Want to let your imagination loose in the world of Valhalla? Simply looking for helpful criticism, tips, and reviews?

Consider joining the Fan Fiction Competition! Compete against other writers who share your enthusiasm of HeroScape. Claim your place as the best writer!

Click here to join.

What is the Fan Fiction Competition?
The Fan Fiction Competition is a community-made writing contest. It was designed for writers of all levels who want to test their skills with the pen (and keyboard). A prompt, describing what to write about, starts things off. All you have to do to enter is write something matching that prompt (preferably related to HS). The only limitations are a time limit of around one month (determined when the prompt is given out), a word limit (also determined when the prompt is given out), and your imagination.
Once the time limit is up, the issuer of the prompt, called the judge, will read and evaluate all of the entries. He will choose first, second, and third place based on how well they are written.
After that, the winner issues the next prompt, becomes the next judge, and the process repeats.
For full rules, see the OP here.

You do not need to pay or even sign up to join. All you need to do is write something and post it!

Now for the first time, we can offer prizes! The admins have agreed that we can offer unique titles to those who do well in the competition. Join today, and claim yours!
See the OP for a full list of the titles that can be won, the requirements to win them, and additional details.

Note that titles are subject to the whims of the admins. They reserve the right to replace or alter your title at any time.

I look forward to seeing you in the Competition!

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