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KC's Bored at Work Scape Ramblings 2 - Aubrien Archers

Posted January 15th, 2010 at 03:44 PM by killercactus
The Aubrien Archers - now here's a unit that looks like it has a lot of potential. 7 range is really nice, especially with all of the 6 range WTF units that see play. Frenzy is an awesome ability. But, the whole 3 attacks of 2 thing just seems to hold them back, and if Frenzy lets you down, then they just don't pack enough punch. Finally, no special attack and a weak normal attack = Deathreavers wreck you.

However - here's the thing I think most people miss about the Aubrien Archers: they're a high-variance unit, not a reliable bread-and-butter squad. Their stats and point cost seem to suggest that they're like the 4th Mass and Stingers and 10th Regiment, etc., but they aren't. They need Frenzy to work to be truly competitive, and that makes then high-variance.

(In case anyone doesn't know what I mean by high-variance - I mean that they either do really good or really bad).

So, how you do swing that variance over to the good side, where they're...

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