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Warning: The following blog post contains material suitable for people who breathe air. Zombies and the otherwise deceased need not apply.
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The Extended Year

Posted March 6th, 2020 at 05:26 PM by flameslayer93
"What are you selling?"
-RE4 Merchant

These last few weeks have done their best to leave a foul taste in my mouth. My job closed up, resulting in mass layoff in my family. We knew it was coming, just didn't know when. Business had picked up since the last blog posting, but the customers weren't paying. The EPA has been hounding the company, probably because develops want the building gone so they can build a parking lot for their extremely overpriced condos.

I had spent the weeks following job hunting.

Then, on Sunday, my dad had to go to the emergency room. The doctors had said he had suffered from mini strokes, brought on by his blood pressure skyrocketing. There had been a little brain damage, and he's developed a kidney disease as well. At least we didn't lose him.

He got released from the hospital today. Apparently he went to go lay down; he's probably glad to be in his own bed.

LoveElemental and I have visited him every day. I'm sure he appreciated a break from the monotony of being in a hospital bed.

Thursday I got a bit of good news; I got hired at a food warehouse up here. It's union, and the pay is better than at the chrome shop. I'm just glad to be working again. I know it's going to be a lot harder for my uncle and dad to get jobs again. They're older, and my dad is still messed up from the aforementioned events this week.

Onto something more positive.

I've made the best of these weeks out of work. LoveElemental and I have gotten back into playing 'scape, trying to play at least 1 game a weekend. Also, I've been working on my next custom wave. Some things might not be perfectly balanced, but it won't be too bad off.

I've also gotten to play a lot of Stardew Valley. I'm in the 3rd year of my save, with a good plantation of coffee plants growing. I still haven't gotten around to much in the way of ranching, since I prefer the farming, mining, and fishing aspects of the game.

Also, I'm finally working on board game stuff again! I've bought some posterboards to begin making a nice big map of Alpha Centauri, my homebrew war game. There are still air bubbles from the glue, so I'll try to poke the air out with a pin or something before we begin coloring it. I'm also going to add some quick reference rules to the board face, along with a good portion of rules to the back.

LoveElemental and I worked on a card game called #influencers, a silly game about the postings of social media influencers. Play cards to give yourself more influence points, money, mass exposure and other fun quirks. Since the last player to still have cards wins, you'll want to use every trick you can to stay relevant. I'll be writing up the rules and cards online (probably from Google Docs) once we think we have enough cards created and any hiccups worked out.

And then there's our Starfinders campaign I haven't worked on in months
Today I got the play mat doodled on for the first part of the 5-act campaign. I'll try to take some time reading and refining the rules to make the game play with as little reading as needed for our game group. Role-playing over Rules-Laywering in my games.

"If you've gotta beef, make a steak".
-flameslayer, 2020
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Tornado's Avatar
Less rolling and more role playing is what we say.
Influencers sounds like it has legs.
Posted March 8th, 2020 at 04:41 PM by Tornado Tornado is offline
lefton4ya's Avatar
Sorry to hear about tough times but glad you found some joy.

#influencers sounds like a game I came up with an idea for:

"Social Justice Warriors
Of Asgard"

The game of fighting the never ending fight of justice - without actually resorting to all that physical fighting like Blood Rage or Yggdrasil - instead you use words! Mechanics like trolling, power-ups like celebrity reposts, and scenarios like someone makes a boardgame called Pick Up Artist. Locations can be real or virtual such as college campus "free speech zones" or board game-nights, and Facebook or TikTok.

Also from the same makers as Social Justice Warriors Of Asgard comes:

"Pick Up Artist
Post-Impressionist Edition"

The game of picking up women (or men I guess). Mechanics like negging, power-ups like wing-men, and scenarios like set-ups by parents. Locations can be real or virtual such as bars or board game-nights, and ChristianMingle or Tinder.
Posted July 14th, 2020 at 01:36 PM by lefton4ya lefton4ya is offline
flameslayer93's Avatar
Those sound like a riot @lefton4ya .
Posted July 17th, 2020 at 06:45 PM by flameslayer93 flameslayer93 is offline
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