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The Spirit of the Dungeon Crawl

Posted February 16th, 2012 at 12:20 PM by kolakoski
Updated February 21st, 2012 at 02:49 PM by kolakoski
Well met!

No, this is not the name of my newest scenario. Rather, it is what I will seek to create in a series of scenarios, as outlined in a recent post:

"Ghostship, in Heroscape, since "nobody really dies," the DM device is not necessary to invoke the "Spirit" alluded to earlier. Simply take the mechanics of The Giant Grove of Utgar! and adapt them for a Dungeon Crawl. Specifically:

"When placing Order Markers (OMs), at the beginning of each Round, 1 (and only 1) OM (other than the X) must be placed on one of the Giants . . ."

For "Giants" read "Wandering Monsters." As for

"If the campaign is designed for the good player, and there's no way for the evil players to progress (what a great idea - two directions for the campaign) . . .",

The Lost City of Ashra! and The Giant Grove of Utgar! can be taken together as the beginning of just such a campaign. Merely require that the armies' units be drafted from a list of appropriate unique heroes (only two-legged ones?)."

The "Wandering Monsters," referred to above, were squads of Warriors of Ashra in The Lost City of Ashra! (They were only available on the first OM, and their use was optional. Today, I'd play it using the Grove's mechanics.)

Below is an admittedly arbitrary list of heroes for such a campaign (removed squads, of course, four-footed heroes (or heroes mounted on four-footers), including dragons, and soulborgs, Grimnak and Tor-Kul-Na):

The List








No heroes!

"Wandering Monsters" may be taken from this list, as well, where scenario-appropriate, for example, Utgar when the heroes are "good" or Jandar when the heroes are "evil."
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