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Units used update

Posted April 17th, 2011 at 08:00 AM by ollie
Battle at the Border IV yesterday. A great event! 840pt pool with scenarios requiring you to field some multiple of 140pts. Here's my pool:

Tor-Kul-Na (4-1), Nagrubs x2 (3-1), Major Q9 (3-1), Warriors of Ashra x2 (3-1), Eltahale (5-0), Phantom Knights x2 (2-1).

Only two new units: Eltahale and Warriors of Ashra. I'd only played one tournament game with the Phantom Knights before, so they felt new too.

Here are the new tables. Like last year, I only included the units I brought and not the ones on the table because of the scenario. Quite a few new units almost made the final cut but not quite: Aubriens, Master of the Hunt, Siege and Kumiko were in contention right until five minutes before the tournament started.

Nothing particular of note. Jandar goes back to the top of the General table but he, Utgar and Vydar are all essentially equal still.



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