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Holiday highlights

Posted January 9th, 2013 at 11:57 AM by Sylvano the Wasabus
People have been asking me what the highlights of my holidays were. Iím hoping itís not because Iím usually long-winded. I guess theyíre still speaking to me so they canít hate me that much.

There were a lot of good things and a few bad things. The bad things were mostly old people and old cats getting sick and trying to die. Fortunately none succeeded.

The very best part, for me, selfishly, was tobogganing. Iím sure you donít think that Iím too old for it. I donít think youíre too old for it. But do you know some people actually do get to old for tobogganing?

My sweetieís sister has two young sons and when she was forty she was going to go down the hill. Her husband told her she was crazy and that people her age donít toboggan. She tried anyway. Going down the hill, she thought she was going too fast and she tried to slow herself down by sticking her foot out. She broke her leg. Her husband said ďtold you soĒ, and she will never sled again because she thinks sheís too old.

I have been sledding for years and I donít plan on getting too ancient for it. Actually perhaps Iíll plan a sledding funeral, and I can make one last run down the hill in my coffin.

Anyway, this was my tobogganing highlight:
I lie down in a sled to spread my weight out- I get further that way. So, I lie down, and begin slicing down the hill. I use the word slicing because of the particular sound the sled makes as it goes over the snow at high speed. I feel all the little bumps on the hill as they travel under my back- itís like a high speed massage. The air is crisp and I practically fly, all the while my eyes up in the clouds. And then Iím down the hill and on the straight away and I just slide and it gets quieter and quieter for I am far from the hill chatter now and my sled is almost silent as we slow. We come to a gentle stop. And itís just the sky and me, and on the particular day Iím highlighting the sky was blue blue and there were wisps of white cloud, like snow, moving dreamily across the sky. And white snow all around me. It was all sensation. No worries. It doesnít get much nicer than that.

Another highlight was watching my kids on Xmas morning. The youngest still believes in all sorts of magic, including that special Christmas kind. He is six now and he was wonderfully composed. In fact he was so confident in the magic that he didnít have to scream but he was still awed by certain things which were things he had dreamt of having.

Over the holidays we played as many Scape games as we could and Santa even managed to find some of the figures we donít have. 4th Mass, Microcorp agents and Marro Drones played on our maps for the first time, and proxy figures for the Shaolin Monks. We got the MacDirks too but havenít used them yet.

The best games were played on a huge map that had a lava lake in the centre with a narrow strip of land running through it. In our game we have rules for pushing Ė one HS die for small (two for dwarves) 2 for medium, three for large, etc.. Itís an attack so the pusher is going for skulls, the defender for shields. Pushing ends your movement. Or if youíre standing on the edge of a lava bridge, quite possibly your life.

In one particular scenario a band of orcs were crossing and Kaemon Awa, and some Isumi stood in their way. It was a nasty battle with a lot of pushing but it looked like the samurai forces were going to prevail. I was happy because they were mine.

And then from nowhere- not really nowhere- the iron lava resistant golem hot footed it over and pushed the isumi into moltenness and then single shotted Kaemon Awa. A stunning decisive victory. The orcs were hooting and hollering. It was all a part of a much larger battle but it was pretty hot stuff.

Seeing my sister and her husband, up from Missouri, was a nice highlight too. Itís wonderful to have nice people who are related to you that are your friends too.

Today Iím back at work but Iím still kind of mellow. Part of it is because of a lingering illness, but part i think is a holiday hold over that hasnít left me yet. A one range aura of peace.

I usually walk on my breaks and lunch and today i stood under a tree and heard gentle thumping and watched a couple of small wood peckers tapping out a mellow tune. Several cars drove and saw me standing there in the middle of the sidewalk. I certainly looked odd but they couldnít see or hear the woodpeckers as they zoomed past. I guess there are highlights to everyday but sometimes when youíre zooming you donít get a chance to figure them out.

I hope you had nice holidays too. Any good highlights?
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chas's Avatar
"Nobody likes me
Everybody hates me
I guess I'll go eat worms!"

--My old college girlfriend when she'd try to jolly me out of a bad mood, many years ago.

Don't give up all your activities, just be realistic about what your older body can take, so you don't spend too much time in a cast...

Yes, if you look at Kolakoski's recent blog The Lost City In The Sky, he's getting into pushing people to death again, as he did during our old PIRATES games. I'm going to check out the C3G's Knockback rules, which add a lot of action into a fight!
Posted January 10th, 2013 at 09:14 AM by chas chas is offline
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