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Warning: The following blog post contains material suitable for people who breathe air. Zombies and the otherwise deceased need not apply.

The Rat Plague of Dunwall

Posted March 10th, 2018 at 07:09 PM by flameslayer93
Dishonored 1 was a fun game, I bought it on release for the PS3 back in the day. Only did 1 playthough of it, and it was a fun ride. I had turned it back on from time to time for giggles. But, being a young spudding adult with work, a social life, and good olí heroscape I never had the time to give it another run.

Fast forward to last Saturday...? I saw Dishonored 2 was in stock at Walmart was in stock for $20. Iíve played the first couple levels so far, and Iím looking forward to playing it some more. The rats arenít the main issue this time around. Iím playing this run as Emily, since it seemed like this was her story. I might fiddle around as Corvo in a later run. They have different power sets, so thatís definately some incentive to run through it a second time.

Since wednesday though, I caught the plague. Or it seems that way. High fever, swollen throat, mucus. Itís been a miserable four days. I havenít been to work since Wednesday either. Man, my paycheck...
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Da Bomb!!

Posted February 12th, 2018 at 01:39 AM by flameslayer93
It's been a long while since I've talked strategy on this site. At least nothing serious anyways. So today, I think I'll use my blog to talk about Deathwalker 7000. Now, a lot of this is just theory, since I don't believe I've used him in a long time. Heck, maybe only twice.

First, let's really break the 'borg down. He has all kinds of things going against him, the classic 1 Life for Deathwalkers, a ranking of Unique, and a power that still kills him even if it fails. To make matters worse, he is moderately expensive at 100 points, and has little synergy in Classic 'Scape. But he has a really good pair of powers, even if his main thing has a large margin of error, and a good defense rating of 7.

C3V/SoV units have given this soulborg a new chance though. Not necessarily a great new perspective on life so that he should avoid blowing up of course, he still has that thing going for him, but at least he isn't an OM sink anymore. Zettian Infantry, and Hoplitrons...
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Tide Pods, A Bleeding Van, and the Eternal War on Insomnia.

Posted January 20th, 2018 at 03:02 AM by flameslayer93
...sounds like the name of bad soap opera.

So, Public Service Announcement: Do not eat detergent. For starters, those things are expensive. For seconds, eating soap has long been considered a reasonable punishment for young ones who cursed.

These things have been turned into a joke across the internet (ok, facebook). Thatís fine, but unlike some white shoes, various stores are actually putting these things in those hard plastic cases. Is that seriously neccesary? Are dopey teenagers actually going in and shoplifting little soap pod thingies? The next step will be stealing washing machines and trying to drive them down the road. Donít do that either, different motors.

As far using the properly goes, is the ďplasticĒ casing supposed to dissolve in water? I hope it does, because otherwise folks are gonna have plastic hunks at the bottom of their washers... :shocked:

So last Saturday, my vanís power steering fluid was leaking....
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Pokemon, I choose you!

Posted October 29th, 2017 at 10:35 PM by flameslayer93
Today's blog is about a longtime favorite of mine, Pokemon. Well, the games have long stood as some of my favorites. When you're a little kid, who didn't enjoy leveling up your cute little stuffed animals into killing machines? From Typhlosion to Gyarados, I've always liked the pokemon who look more like monsters. Move over Pikachu...

I've been half playing Pokemon Sun Version for upwards of 3 months now. I say half playing because I have barely through the second island. Grinding my pokemons out has gotten fairly dull. It was fine when I was 10, but now it's meh. Oh well, at least the battling part this time around is actually pretty good. Or, at least it seems better than prior entries.

Today, I ran into Salandit. Here's a bunch of google pics of it. These things have been popping up at around levels 16-19, and much to my surprise actually know a good attack; Dragon Rage. The attack always dishes out 40 damage, which many pokemon around it's level don't...
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A second ending to a story that's never truly over

Posted October 21st, 2017 at 03:10 PM by flameslayer93
This week has been its own flavor of sad. So, some backstory; for a good many years my Uncle was married and all. After a seperation, they divorced. This broke up the two families (our side and her side), as I imagine is commonly the case in a divorce. Well, I grew up with a fair number of my cousins, or second cousins I think they would've been. After around 4 or 5 years now, we hadn't heard from them.

This week we found out one of them passed away of their own volition. The poor guy had troubles all his life. While, he was older than me by enough, I still knew him enough. I hung out with his younger brother, who was my age. I hear that he was the one who found him.

I didn't go to the wake. I would have, but nobody could cover for me at work. There wasn't a second showing, as they turned him to ash. This doesn't affect my life too much, as that story is over.

Rest in peace, Josh.
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