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Nifty Battle Report

Posted February 12th, 2009 at 11:50 PM by Mr Migraine
Okay, so my brother (nicktheant) and I decided to play some 'scape tonight:

We played on a hexagonal map similar to (but bigger than) "Highways and Dieways" with all the criss-crossing road and tree stuff. There are two raised areas on the sides with the 4 hex trees, and two large ruins near the starting zones. Two glyphs lay in the middle, a Move+2 and d20+1, not too powerful.

Our 475 point armies (becuse he insisted on making our armies in private and then battling as opposed to a draft.):


Marro Warriors


Major Q9
3 x 4th Mass

Round 1: I won initiative and put all my markers on Zelly; his were all on Q9. I flew across and managed to barbeque 2 of his squads and wound Raelin before Q9 killed Zelrig, thanks to the awesome leaving-engagement-attacks.

Round 2: I won initiative with...

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