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Examining the Guard Class in Heroscape Part 4: Gurei-Oni

Posted July 26th, 2010 at 01:00 AM by Filthy the Clown
As we continue our examination of the Guard class, we come across one of the more unique heroes to be released: Gurei-Oni.

There is nothing quite like a large, one-eyed, be-dreaded ogre to strike fear in the mind of your opponent. However, when you add a comical eye, large pot belly, ragpicker's wardrobe, and a table leg, one is not quite sure whether to run...Or laugh. That being said, your tears of laughter can quickly turn to tears of pain if you neglect ole one-eye. With a Large size, rat-smacking special attack, and a deterrent to normal ranged volleys, he can be a viable option to your next army.

Gurei is one of the two members of the Guard class with a Large size (the other being the Dumutef Guard). As such, he is afforded all of the bonuses that are due one of his size. With a large base, he can also select his engagements for maxiumum effect, and with is apparel and girth, he can be quite adept at blocking line of sight to your key assets.

Besides being a large figure, Gurei also has some useful abilities. First, Evil Eye defense, which is a great deterrent to taking ranged fire from unique squads (Krav Maga, Zettians, Nakitas; anyone with a low ranged attack), as well as commons with limited offensive output (10th and 4th, with the exception of numbers; multiple attacks of 3-4 are going to rip Gurei a new ortifice). In fact, as a point for point match-up, Gurei seems like a perfect counter to the Krav and/or Nakitas, as losing one agent to counterstrike reduces their offensive output by 33%. When facing such ranged firepower, use Gurei as a meatshield, marching him down the map whilst hiding small units (such as Dwarves) behind his large frame.

Offensively, Gurie has some decent stats. With an attack and defense of 4, and life of 4, he is just beefy enough to take some damage, as well as dish out a few worthy hits. He also sports a multi-special attack, as he can hit one adjacent unit, as well as a unit adjacent to the first target. Think of him as a behemoth pied piper, clearing a path through screens for his allies. With a move of 5, Gurei won't set any speed records.

Now that we have had a good look at our one-eyed compatriot, let's delve a bit into ways to use his skillset. First, let's take a peek into his bulbous head: Gurei's personality is Tormenting, and he should be played as such. He is big, slow...But mad as hell. Use him as such: charge the enemy, absorbing ranged fire and smashing a path for the rest of your army to follow. If your enemy chooses to shoot at Gurei, they face counterstrike. If they ignore him, he will be able to close and deal out some damage. Either way, he will be fulfilling his role of a Guard by drawing fire and providing protection to key assets. General Patton vehemently stated that his army should spill the enemy's blood, mowing through them like crap through a goose, and using the enemy's entrails to grease the treads of their tanks. Gurei should be played as such...An offensive juggernaut who very well might die, but he will harass the enemy and spill as much blood as possible, at the same time absorbing damage that would otherwise fall on stronger assets.

With the release of D1, it seems that Gurei has company. Enter Torin, another eye-sore and a bit more sophisciated version of Gurei. Torin also has Evil Eye defense, but this also protects units adjacent to him. Plus, he has one more life, and a stronger offesive attack against small and medium-sized foes. With Torin's release, it seems that Gurei's usefulness has declined. Although this is true in some builds, Gurie should also be considered. Use Gurei if you need an anti-rat special attack, and you are looking for more of an offensive solution. If you are looking to turtle, and your army is predominately Utgar following, Torin would be the wiser choice.

Successful Builds:

Clarissimus used the following Guard-heavy build in the 2008 GenCon Championship, going 3-1-1

Army: Tor-Kul-Na, Nagrubs x3, Airborne Elite, Gurei-Oni
530 points, 17 spaces

Arp12 went 2-3 (28th out of 44) in the June,2008 Beantown Beatdown IV:
Zelrig, Valguard, Kozuke Samurai, Gurei-Oni

Speculative Builds:

Warden 90
NaGrubs x3 180
Tor-Kul-Na 400
Krav Maga 500
Gurei-Oni 600, 17 spaces

~A 600 point variant on Clarissimus's successful build. Why not team the Gurei up with the Krav Maga, using the enraged orgre to deny line of sight to the agents, as well as a beatstick against anything that tries to get close. Gurei gets a much-needed movement boost from Warden, and 7-move nagrubs are nothing to scoff at. Save the Warden for clean-up duties.

GG x2 - 200
Gurei-Oni - 300
Raelin - 380
Warden - 470
Zettians 540, 12 spaces

~A guard-heavy build, with Gurei either advancing ahead of the Granite Guardians (mainly to get rid of rats), or performing clean-up duties. At 560, Torin might be a better option, as his evil eye will protect the Zettians and the Warden. Another variant drops the Granite Guardians and adds Torin and a rat screen:

Gurei-Oni 100
Torin 220
Raelin 300
Warden 390
Zettians 460
Rats x2 540, 16 spaces

Closing Points:
  • Gurei works great as a site blocker, rat clearer, and red hot root toot tooter.
  • Gurie has a Tormenting personality, so use him as such. Show no mercy, and use him to draw enemy fire and to wreck as much as possible with persistent attacks. Does your opponent have a bad case of Turtling? Gurei can help!
  • The ogre makes a solid counterdraft for Krav Maga and other unique squads that rely on ranged attacks.
  • Dump Eldgrim's spirit on Gurei to boost his slow movement. Warden 816 is another viable option to help the ogre's mobility, but he should only be drafted if you have other guards in your army.
  • Before drafting Torin, make sure that Gurei won't fit your needs (and save you 20 points in the process).
  • Avoid ranged special attacks, such as Major Q9's Queglix gun. Evil Eye won't help, and the rat-tat-tat of three attacks of 3 can easily become Gurei's swan song.
Please share any thoughts and experiences that you have with Gurei-Oni.

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kolakoski's Avatar

General Wars

Well met!

Now that Einar has Red Wyrmlings, there is room for Ol' One-Eye . . .

180 Red Wyrmlings x 6 (sub in Eldgrim for 1 of these?)
120 Kaemon
120 Tagawa Samurai
100 Gurei-Oni
Posted July 26th, 2010 at 10:49 AM by kolakoski kolakoski is offline
Updated July 26th, 2010 at 11:04 AM by kolakoski
Filthy the Clown's Avatar
Lots of special attacks in that build. I would definitely add Eldgrim, as that additional move will assist Gurei in obtaining height. The ogre should make a nice line-of-sight blocker for the Wyrmlings, too. On this note, I have been pairing Gurei with the Axgrinders. They are small enough to hide behind him as they advance.
Posted July 26th, 2010 at 06:29 PM by Filthy the Clown Filthy the Clown is offline
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