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Dance Fever

Posted October 1st, 2012 at 01:33 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
I had a fever the other day, part of my seasonal allergies. Years and years ago I contracted malaria when I was doing some work in Africa. I donít know how much you know about malaria- but when you have an attack you get fevers that rise and fall. I had fevers that went so high they kind of broke the ceiling on fevers for me. I would get delirious, and laugh uproariously. It scared the crap out of everyone. I was treated in a hospital in Malawi where I had a high high fever and i was extremely delirious- I was bongo drumming on every surface available. I thought it was hilarious. Anyway the point is when I get fever it goes high and sometimes I get a little delusional.

I was lying on the floor in our play room which mostly holds books and Scape these days. I was looking up at the ceiling, and the slowly rotating blue and red ceiling fan- and the fan turned my mind to some unusual places- fevers really have an interesting effect on reality. Itís like a dream world,...
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