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Unusual Scenario - Cold Mountain - Battle Report

Posted August 21st, 2009 at 10:48 AM by kolakoski
Well met!

Last night, Chas, Sherman and I (Troy, as usual, canceled; see posts in Unusual Scenario in the Competitive Armies forum) played on a map of Chas's devising he calls "Cold Mountain". I quote Chas's e-mail description:

"A 24 x 22 hex rectangle, longer between the players, has a central mountain about 12 hexes tall and 12 x 8 hexes, a rectangle that is longer crosswise. WIND is constantly in effect, which means no flying at any time. The terrain is vey restrictive and broken, such that two hex or winged figures will be severely constrained; large figures such as dragons even more so. Their use is not recommended!

"The surrounding snow terrain around Cold Mountain is broken by 3-4 hex glacier mountains, pairs of pine trees, ice depressions and small elevations, although all snow and ice costs only one move per hex. However, sight lines are quite restricted every 7 hexes or so. Four meltwater streams of 5-8 hexes radiate...
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