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C3G Interview - LordVenoc & MrNobody

Posted December 24th, 2020 at 03:36 PM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
LordVenoc & MrNobody
Author: Tornado & C3G

Not since the days of Arkham and Ronin has a duo come in and made such an impact on C3G. These two guys quickly rose through the ranks to become Heroes and intoduced us all to the worlds of Doctor Who and Valiant. It is a pleasure and an honor to present my first double interview with LordVenoc and MrNobody.

[Scapemage] What was your first C3G design? Which design has been your favorite? Is there anything you consider to be really big on your bucket list still?

MrN: My first design was the Dalek Drones, which Iím still pretty proud of. Out of all my designs, which is my favorite? Hmmm ... might have to go with Mon-El. I originally started out with a pretty basic design that had Freeze Breath, but Spidey came in with this really cool Inspiration idea that just makes the design sing in my opinion. Bucket list items? Ha, itís hard to even say, ícause every time we add a new property it adds a ton of new characters I want to see! Now that we have Transformers, for example, I really want to see Starscream or Grimlock. A big personal goal for me is to continue to flesh out the Doctor Who universe though.

LV: First was Peter Stanchek. Definitely was a surreal experience seeing him come to fruition. Iím assuming youíre asking favorite that Iíve designed, but that one is tougher. Probably Superboy Jon, but an upcoming one might steal that throne. Released designs might have to be Eternal Warrior, as I think he managed to be a really nice and lean card that still felt like he captured the character well.

[IAmBatman] What are your New Yearís Resolutions for C3G in 2021?

MrN: Letís keep the party rolling! 2019 and 2020 have seen this big building of momentum in the project, and if we keep that going I think weíll be doing awesome.

LV: More Valiant stuff! Iíve been slow rolling getting more and more interest there, but am excited to really dive back in. Aside from that, the Superman Wave coming to fruition, whether in 2021 or 2022 is a big thing Iím looking toward.

[IAmBatman] Part of me is surprised that C3G has made it 10 years! How much longer do you think C3G will last?

MrN: I think C3G will be around in some form as long as íScapers is, maybe even longer than that! And itís a totally cheesy thing to say, but C3G is really the people, not the project. Even if new cards stop being produced, Iíve met a great group of guys and gals through this project that Iím proud to call friends.

LV: Hard to say. Itís always been interesting looking at the historic numbers, but I think it can go as long as there are passionate people ready to steer the ship.

[IAmBatman] What number of cards do you think C3G would have to produce for the project to feel ďcompleteĒ?

MrN: Iíll refer to my above answeróit feels like every time we add a new property, that number gets bigger and bigger. But even in our Marvel and DC library thereís some shocking gaps. Silver Sable, Klaw, Adam Strange, Vandal Savage, thereís still lots of work to do. Maybe 1,500 cards total would be a good guess?

LV: Not complete until we have at least one version of every popular character per decade. So we got a while.

[Ronin] More of a comics question than a C3G question but ... Favorite single comic issue of all time?

MrN: Thatís a tough one! Maybe All-Star Superman #12. Thatís one that had a real profound effect on me the first time I read it.

LV: First one that comes to mind is probably Tomasi and Gleasonís Superman #7, the story of them going to the state fair. So simple, but so good. Some runner ups would be Batman and Robin #18 (the ďRequiemĒ issue) and the finale of Sweet Tooth by Lemire.

[IAmBatman] Better superhero: Spider-Man or Batman?

MrN: I gotta go with Spidey. The quips, the acrobatics, heís always just been a more ďfunĒ hero to me in general.

LV: Well, I like Spider-Man for him, but Batman for his supporting cast. Does that count as an answer?

[Karat] What, in your opinion, makes C3G, C3G? Is it the people, the designs, the process, or something else?

MrN: The majorly creative people in the group are probably the biggest part of it, but I donít think you can undervalue the process at all either. The Mighty C3G Method is refined and productive, but also leaves plenty of room to goof around. Fun is always the focus, and thatís what keeps me coming back.

LV: I think itís the people. They make all the other things happen, and are the real lifeblood. Its been cool really seeing how much of a community it is/has grown into since I started, and I think thatís pretty amazing.

[tcglkn] Whatís your favorite C3G Army?

MrN: Legionnaires. Anyone who knows me knows I have a ton of fondness for the characters to start with, but the designs themselves have such unique mechanics that you donít really see very often in C3G. No other faction has a Saturn Girl or a Brainiac 5, yíknow?

LV: Love me some Titans. Some new up-and-comers might take that throne, once that Superman or Valiant stuff finishes.

[tcglkn] Favorite C3G memory?

MrN: Probably how exciting it was seeing the cards for my first design (Daleks). I still get a little rush every time I see the amazing work the art team does turning my harebrained ideas into a finished and visually appealing product.

LV: Project-wise, it would probably be the first time I saw Peter Stanchekís card. My first design, seeing the finished productóquite a memorable experience. Gameplay-wise would be different though. The moment I had Michael Myers come back for One Good Scare to stab Gorilla Grodd, only for a horde of monkeys to rip him apart will be with me forever.

[tcglkn] Why should people be playing C3G if they are not already?

MrN: Well first off, who doesnít love superheroes? But secondly, I love the big bombastic feel so many C3G designs have to them. The superhero theme just really lets our best designers (not me!) go crazy with unique and powerful mechanics.

LV: Itís just a lot of fun to be able to combine universes. I love playing to theme, but also the hodgepodge can be a blast. Sure, itís fun to play a Titans army. Also fun: Ninjak, Agent of Shield. Eternal Warrior in the Justice League. Chucky in a psychopath team. Good times.

[IamBatman] Whatís a dark secret about C3G that no one knows?

MrN: We can never tell them what the 4th C is for ...

LV: If you hate something, they will torment you with it. Especially if it is an unnecessary and stupid thing a character should never have been forced to wear.

[Karat] What is it that has motivated you to keep moving forward and push past the boundaries to make it from Ally to Sidekick to Hero? Was it the people, the design work, a love of playtesting, something else entirely?

MrN: Wanting to show up LordVenoc, obviously.

LV: A little bit of everything, really. I know my tendencies, and I knew that pushing past that would help me to contribute to forward momentum even more, helping me and others stay engaged and enthused.

[Lord Pyre] How did you find out about C3G and get involved?

MrN: I got Heroscape in ... maybe 2006 Ė 2007 as a Christmas present. I didnít bother to learn the game for years, but I loved all the sculpts and the terrain made a great building toy. Around 2010, me and a few friends actually sat down and bothered to learn the game rules, and that led me to Heroscapers. I saw C3G on the front page a few times before finally deciding to look into it. (I think I got in around wave 4, maybe?), and it was basically exactly what I was looking for in íScape. Iíve been a silent fan for many years, but in 2018 I finally took the deep dive and started getting involved with the community, and Iíve loved every minute of it!

LV: Found out pretty early overall. Iíve been on íScapers since í06, so it was easy to come across. Living on a floor in college that had a bunch of other superhero fans made it easy to introduce people to it and get them excited. Decided to try and get involved when I graduated, but then grad school was awful and slowed that down, but here we are now!

[IamBatman] What the heck is an abstract Hero?

MrN: Maybe the real abstract Heroes were the friends we made along the way.

LV: Something Bats hates. Some nonsense about if they have a physical presence they should be on the field or something. Then he goes and makes a playground for people without physical presences. Nonsense I tells ya!

[MrNobody] Whatís your favorite fictional character?

MrN: Itís gotta be the Doctor. Thereís just something about the concept of an eternal wanderer who has seen it all but still maintains their optimism and excitement about the smallest of things.

LV: Oh geez this one is hard. Iím gonna cheat though:

Film only: tie between Baby (Baby Driver) and Eggsy (Kingsman).

Literature: I donít think Iíve found one that Iíve ever liked as much as Tobias from Animorphs. Adored that series as a kid.

Television: Gotta give points to Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec here. He is literally such a positive guy. Love it.

Cartoons: Matt from Digimon was my dude growing up.

Comics: Roy Harper. The trucker hat is stupid. Fight me.

[Lord Pyre] Whatís your favorite non-fiction character?

MrN: David Bowie, probably? Heís one of the celebrity deaths Iíve felt hardest in my lifetime, thatís for sure.

LV: I think thatís just a person. I mean, my best friend is one of the best people Iíve ever met, but if youíre talking historically ... yeah I got nothing. I still desperately want to meet Jeff Lemire someday.

[Tornado] What is your criteria for allowing new properties into the C3G universe?

MrN: Thereís the obvious stuff (gotta have comics, gotta have minis, etc.), but a big actor for me is ďCan I imagine this character interacting with Spider-Man/Superman in New York/Metropolis?Ē If I canít clearly visualize a character doing that, then Iím hesitant to allow it in C3G.

LV: Thinking through perspectives of past heroes is always an important part of that decision for me. Kind of a respect for the legacy before me sort of thing. Being an originally comic-based property helps. Same with fitting the aesthetic we have so far. Do the characters have a place on a battlefield? Minis donít typically concern me a ton, but having a plan if there arenít obvious picks is important. Really big ones for me are feeling like we can capture the character, or property, appropriately within C3G. Like I want it to feel like we can and will do it justice. I get sad sometimes when I see stuff that was voted in and nothing was done with.
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MrNobody's Avatar
Ha, it’s fun to see LV and I agreeing on so many things. And also awesome to know that Silver Sable actually has happened since I answered these questions. Can’t wait for everyone else to see her!
Posted December 24th, 2020 at 04:15 PM by MrNobody MrNobody is offline
IAmBatman's Avatar
Man, Astral Plane AND trucker hat references? Epic interview!

True pleasure to have this duo as part of the team! Thanks for helping us up our game, guys!
Posted December 24th, 2020 at 04:32 PM by IAmBatman IAmBatman is offline
Taeblewalker's Avatar
Great read!
Posted December 24th, 2020 at 05:39 PM by Taeblewalker Taeblewalker is offline
Arch-vile's Avatar
Great read guys!
Posted December 24th, 2020 at 07:19 PM by Arch-vile Arch-vile is offline
Dr. Jekyll's Avatar
Good stuff here guys! Awesome read.
Posted December 25th, 2020 at 02:06 AM by Dr. Jekyll Dr. Jekyll is offline
A3n's Avatar
Nice read guys.
Posted December 28th, 2020 at 08:06 PM by A3n A3n is offline
Tornado's Avatar
Thanks for the interview gentlemen. That was a fun one.
Posted January 5th, 2021 at 02:06 PM by Tornado Tornado is offline
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