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99 units used

Posted September 28th, 2010 at 08:32 AM by ollie
An unusual format at the Out of the Basement event on Saturday means that I can add eleven new units to my units played list. My total is 99 so I should break 100 on NHSD.

I played three games with my 600pt allied general army: Charos, Nilfheim, Rhogar, Blue Wyrmling, Black Wyrmling and Red Wyrmling. All were new units apart from Charos, and Rhogar and the Blue Wyrmling mean that I open my Aquilla account.

I also played three games with preset Utgar armies, featuring Werewolf Lord, Wolves of Badru, Phantom Knights, Sir Hawthorne, Blade Gruts, Tornak, Anubian Wolves, Zombies, Grimnak and Heavy Gruts. The first six were new. Tornak and the Blades move me closer to completing Wave 1 (Arrow Gruts and Roman Archers still to play) and the win with the zombies takes them off a negative record.

This format, and the next three, all make it likely that I'll have more units with which I've only played one game. It seems wrong that a 1-0 unit...
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Identity Theft!

Posted September 3rd, 2010 at 08:38 AM by ollie
I've had my identity stolen. Sort of.

Over the last few years I've grown to think of my avatar as my internet face. I identify pretty strongly with it and think of it as "me" in some weird sense.

I didn't realise I had this much attachment until yesterday when I saw a student at the college I teach at wearing a T-shirt with my avatar on it. (The image is from a T-shirt design by Threadless.)

I can be pretty egotistical, but I'm not sure I can convince myself that he's such a fan of my internet ramblings that he went out and bought a T-shirt with my image on it. I'm trying though.
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Utterly Ullarly

Posted August 22nd, 2010 at 03:36 PM by ollie
Another tournament, another eight units, another samey blog tracking my slow progress in attempting to use all of the units.

RI Rampage yesterday---great fun! The format was to take two armies and the players simultaneously revealed which to play. Rolling Rumble meant there were plenty of games too.

Until Friday night I was set on taking the Elf Wizards and a Blades/Ornak/Tornak build. I realised that the Blades build was an unplayable shambles, so turned over ideas in my head overnight. I switched to the reliable rats-n-rubbish formula and made it an Ullarful day: Brandis, Jotun, Sonlen and rats x2. (Note: don't assemble your armies at 5am in the semi-darkness while drinking your first coffee unless you have a better storage system than mine---I went a game and a half using an Aubrien Archer instead of Brandis before anyone (including me) noticed.) The Elf Wizards were Ulginesh, Arkmer, Emirroon, Chardris and Jorhdawn with Raelin (RotV) giving support....
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Tournament record update.

Posted June 13th, 2010 at 11:24 AM by ollie
Another tournament, another handful of units used. Five more down, just 110 to go (and another 15 or whatever once D2 comes out).

Yesterday's event, Scapemage921's Green Mountain Montage, required two 530pt/24hex armies (no Marvel). I went 3-2 with Venoc Warlord, Fen Hydra, Venoc Vipers x7 and 3-1 with Deathwalker 7000, Concan, 4th Mass x5. All were previously unused except for the 4th Mass. Just the Repulsors to go to complete Alpha Prime; I'll probably build around them next.

Here are the updated tables, including a new one that breaks it down via unit type (common squad, unique hero, etc.). No new insights from the new table which, I guess, means it fits nicely with the others.

		Win	Loss	Win rate
Finn		5	0	1
Sir Denrick	5	0	1
Grimnak		3	0	1
Heavy Gruts	3	0	1
Major X17	3	0	1
Morsbane	3	0	1
Nerak		3	0	1
Shades		2	0	1
Knights of W	9	1	0.9
Blastatrons	8	1
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Units Used: RotV Complete!

Posted April 18th, 2010 at 11:19 AM by ollie
Battle of the Border 3 was yesterday. 780pt army pools, six rounds of scenarios that required you to use some, all or none of your pool. I'll post more about the event itself in the post-tournament thread. For the purposes of cataloguing units I've used, I included any units I'd brought to the table but did not count any that came with the scenario.

The biggest news (from the rather limited perspective of this blog) is that I used Agent Carr and have therefore now used each of the RotV units in a tournament. I used the Izumi Samurai too and they went 3-0 meaning that I have non-losing records with each of the RotV units (they were 2-3 going into the event). Thorgrim's 1-1 is all that is stopping me from switching that "non-losing" to "winning". There's an excuse to break out the knights again.

My 780pts were Cyprien, Sonya, Shades x2, Chainfighter x2, X17, Carr, Eldgrim, Izumi, Marcu, Otonashi, Isamu. The first six of these were...
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