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Customs Creation - November 2016

Posted November 1st, 2016 at 03:15 PM by HS Codex

Where Rules Donít Bend
Author: Scytale

Heroscape has a wonderfully simplistic ruleset, making it very easy to describe and understand. It is also a fairly robust system that allows for many kinds of special abilities that break those rules without making the whole system collapse. But that same simplicity can be a detrimentóor at least a trapómaking excited custom creators believe that literally anything is possible. The reality is that there are things the system really cannot handle, and many more that it cannot handle well.

This article is focused on traditional Heroscape and includes C3V and SoV. Other branches of Heroscape, including C3G and HoSS, have developed their own rulesets for abilities that stretch the normal rules in different ways. And, of course, your own personal customs are subject only to the rules you make for them. However,

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