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I use this blog to record data for testing custom figures and sharing my thoughts on the design process before posting the results in my thread.

I don't plan to submit all customs that I'm recording data for into the SoV but I do plan to test any custom that I make thoroughly so that it is enjoyable for others that might want it for their table.
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Test 1/23/21 Wulfing Hunters

Posted January 24th, 2021 at 03:46 PM by Shiftrex
Test Subject:


LIFE = 1

MOVE = 6

After revealing an Order Marker on this Army Card and taking a turn with the Wulfing Hunters, if at least two Wulfing Hunters that you control are engaged, you may take 1 additional turn with an unengaged squad of Wulfing Hunters or an unengaged Hunter Hero.

While a Wulfing Hunter is not adjacent to any other figures it has no visible hitzones.

Map: Wyrmwalk (Lodin, Kelda)


210 The Axegrinders of Burning Forge x3
60 Darrak Ambershard
210 Braxas
90 Black Wyrmling x3
570, 18 hexes


350 Wulfing Hunters
50 Marro Warriors
95 Arktos
10 Isamu
505, 20 Hexes


Attack rolls: 61 out of 99 (61.62%)
Defense rolls: 14 out of 57 (24.56%)
Total dice rolled: 156
Time used: 0h, 43m, 33s

Grey Waves
Attack rolls: 41 out of 76 (53.95%)
Defense rolls: 31 out of 91 (34.07%)
Total dice rolled: 167
Time used: 0h, 56m, 16s


Fun game that was a loss for the Hunters with a Half Health Braxas, 1 dwarf and 1 black wyrmling left on the field when it was all done. It is worth mentioning that we didn't realize that the points were unbalanced, darrak was supposed to be dropped in favor of the 3rd squad of axe grinders Grey Waves which would have made the game a bit closer though the outcome is likely to be the same. The game started with wyrmlings advancing to whiff some rolls as hunters developed on the road, dwarves followed behind quickly and I used the lack of OMs on wyrmling to my advantage to get an early howl or two off during the game. This was mostly a slug fest between the Hunters and the Dwarves who beat out the hunters with their reliable 5 activations but Arktos came up and managed to do some damage and wound Braxas who made use of the Kelda glyph. The game came down to Arktos empowered Marro Warriors who failed to clone when it was critical.


The Stalker ability loses out to things like Braxas' breath weapon, same with the black wyrmling breath weapon and this was confirmed by comparing them with the Varja. This shows that the ability is less powerful than originally thought and should serve to be a fine thematic focal point that gives the Hunters a unique playstyle. Darrak was particularily bad on the defensive this game but had the points been a bit more even I could have seen pressuring Braxas a bit easier because I was ensuring that she could only roll for 2 acid breath targets for most of the game. The movement number of the Hunters definitely helps them get their additional squads into the fray and Akrtos serves as a nice ranged enhancement that can sit directly behind hunters on height and form a good siege situation. This likely would have done better with Raelin's presence but I didn't take raelin because of all the d20 wounding abilities on the board.

Howl was used a total of 5 times this game, it was fairly difficult to set up because there were key pieces and good attacks that I really needed to take to prevent myself from being swarmed. I likely could have played this game more passively and forced the dwarves to either advance slower or string themselves out but I was afraid of Braxas rushing my start zone to sit on height. Stalker did not come into play this game so I didn't bother spacing my units would terribly much except to try and make Braxas choose bad places to land. The unit felt good to play and like I wasn't at that much of a disadvantage even though I was using a 2 man squad which bring a lot of enjoyment to them.

Opponent noted that the units didn't seem to strong, in fact they seemed a little weak but their strength is likely matchup dependent as one of their abilities didn't even come into play this game. This solidifies the idea of their role being in a bring 2 or limited event as an upstart or rogue army to bring if ranged is going to be heavily prevelant. GreyWaves did ask why they weren't aquilla because they would make for a fun general wars army, this isn't a bad idea or suggestion but I think that their lore and sculpt appearance ties in more heavily to Jandar. I'll keep this note in case the suggestion comes up again, that being said my personal collection for the sculpts came in the mail today and after doing size comparisons they are quite comparable to a Knight of Weston figure in size and they look great next to other figures from the classic game.

Anticipating no problems with the sculpt, looking to wrap up testing soon.
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