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I use this blog to record data for testing custom figures and sharing my thoughts on the design process before posting the results in my thread.

I don't plan to submit all customs that I'm recording data for into the SoV but I do plan to test any custom that I make thoroughly so that it is enjoyable for others that might want it for their table.
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Test 1/22/21 Wulfing Hunters

Posted January 23rd, 2021 at 12:52 PM by Shiftrex
Test Subject:


LIFE = 1

MOVE = 6

After revealing an Order Marker on this Army Card and taking a turn with the Wulfing Hunters, if at least two Wulfing Hunters that you control are engaged, you may take 1 additional turn with an unengaged squad of Wulfing Hunters or an unengaged Hunter Hero.

While a Wulfing Hunter is not adjacent to any other figures it has no visible hitzones.

Map: Running Hot (Wannok, Dagmar)


120 Krug
50 Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider
200 Arrow Gruts x5
20 Marcu Esenwein
130 Calibrax the Kyrie Warrior
10 Isamu
530, 22 hexes


140 Master of the Hunt
90 Feral Troll
300 Hunters
530, 15 hexes


Attack rolls: 73 out of 167 (43.71%)
Defense rolls: 58 out of 139 (41.73%)
Total dice rolled: 306
Time used: 1h, 3m, 22s

Attack rolls: 86 out of 161 (53.42%)
Defense rolls: 33 out of 90 (36.67%)
Total dice rolled: 251
Time used: 0h, 36m, 20s


Win for Hunters against a lower tier build for the Arrow Gruts, I assumed that if I took Mimring and Swog Riders that the Hunters would lose quickly so I decided to take some sub-optimal choices for a more fun game. Master of the Hunt was able to do substantial damage to Krug who took down 2 Wulfing and Master of the Hunt before sucumbing to his wounds. The Arrow gruts and Nerrak were able to engage, screen and kill most of the Wulfing while trading cheap figures for more expensive ones with Feral Troll being the deciding factor that I couldn't reliably kill without Krug. Cleon wins this game with full health Feral Troll left on the board.


Cleon piloted the Hunters and notes that the unit is fun and engages some figures that otherwise wouldn't see play, he talked about trying to do a build with 2 Masters of the Hunt because they are uncommon. He said that there was usually a lot to think about on any given turn, engagements, hiding hitzones and what could be activated if he even wanted the activation or not. Even with some skewed stats, this game was fun and didn't feel like a wash for either side with Feral Troll being a raid boss at the end but rolling hilariously bad when it came time to attack any figure on the board.

Howl was used a total of 10 times this game, mostly on other Hunters but both Master of the Hunt and Feral Troll saw at least 2 activations a piece as well. Stalker came into play when initially moving the hunters onto the road for this map and Cleon used a Hunter to hold Dagmar for a round until an Arrow Grut engaged and killed said Hunter. I was able to use disengage and Krug's high life total to shrug off leaving engagement strikes to tie down key pieces that I thought he would want to activate. I also made it a point to engage multiple Hunters with 1 arrow grut when possible to reveal their hitzones for shooting and to give them a bad target to attack when it came their turn because if they one-shot the grut then they wouldn't get howl and had to give up the attack to develop further which gave me more attacks on those engaged hunters from range.

Overall the Hunters don't make it painful to play a ranged unit like the Gruts, if I had brought Swog Riders I am confident that I could have pulled ahead and either won or made this game closer. If I had brought Mimring I feel the victory would have been decisive which is why I avoided it but if the Hunters brought their strongest options as well I think the game would be enjoyable even with Mimring on the board though advantage would still go to Gruts.

No changes recommended by either player at this time, the units seem to be in a good spot. Testing ideas before SoV submission include: against Death Chasers, against 4th Mass.
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