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Tournaments... My love hate Relationship!!!

Posted May 18th, 2009 at 07:34 PM by Shades fan
I first wanted to say that I love tournaments! no one can change my mind on my opinion that If you haven't played in a tournament you haven't truly played Heroscape!

That said, I have a rather love hate relationship with them...
On the plus side...
  • They are amazingly fun,
  • They test your knowledge of the game, and competitive creativity,
  • It's not really possible to have a bad tournament experience as Jim has proven,
  • They give you a chance to meet the people you talk to, secretly judge,
  • They give a more social aspect of the game and gives better insight to the world of Heroscape,
I have been to 11 so far, and while that may not seem like a lot, it is to me when most have been out of state.

Their are several cons to a tournament that can sometimes leave a bad taste in my mouth!!!

When I went to a tournament this past week, not everyone brought a prize because it wasn't mandatory, this left the people who placed on the bottom, not able...
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Posted December 11th, 2008 at 10:05 PM by Shades fan
I've studied a lot to be able to get into the minds of people. I do this for a couple reasons, mostly because i like to know what people are thinking so I can further my own career as a magician.

I use this a lot in everyday situations, and I think Mentalscaping is a great thing to use when playing certain units.

Quite possibly my favorite part of Heroscape[tournament wise] is the fact that you get to personally interact with other people, and can throw them off their game by doing certain things.

Fear Factor
is a thing that many Unit's have in this game that make all this possible. Along with the Order markers.

Unit's such as Shades, and Ne-Gok-Sa have very obvious abilities that will change your opponents plan for moving unique units, and can cause opponents to be thrown off their game.

Unit's like the Minions also have this ability to a lesser scale. This is the reason why I feel tournament playing is so much fun, and...
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Grok Customization

Posted June 25th, 2008 at 05:00 PM by Shades fan
After looking at the Grok Rider's concept art, I got the Idea for this thread.
I figured out that Me-burq-Sa, along with the Groks are rather easy to take off of their mounts.

So I am thinking of putting a squad of three Grok's on 3 of Me-Burq-Sa's horses.

Once I get some more Grok's and Me-Burq-Sa's, I'll post some pictures of my creations.
Feel free to try yourselfs if you like the idea.

Steps [Aplogize for blurry photo!

Step 1
Get Grok Rider figure

Step 2
While handling figure, move the Rider back and forth forward and backward* Aiming to try to get the figure's Legs over the grok's body

*[With the outstretched figure, your going to move him forward instead of backward]
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