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April 2011 Louisville Tournament

Posted April 2nd, 2011 at 09:57 PM by NecroBlade
Updated April 3rd, 2011 at 10:01 PM by NecroBlade
This month's format was Heat of Battle, 510 points.

I played "The Roman Legion":

250 Roman Legionnaires x5
120 Mogrimm Forgehammer
090 Ne-Gok-Sa
050 Me-Burq-Sa

Game 1 vs Mariah on "If You Can't Take the Heat"
260 Mezzodemon Warmongers x4
120 Black Wyrmling x4
120 Red Wyrmling x4
010 Isamu (I didn't write him down, but I think she had 510 points)

When I saw what I would be facing, I didn't think much of my chances. However, since placement is such a big factor in this format, I was able to give myself a big edge from the setup. The entire Roman Legion formed up across the center of the board, while drakes and demons were forced onto lower ground. Though I started on the lava, I made sure to get everyone off it by the end of the round (except Me-Burq-Sa a couple times, and he took a wound each). In the end only 5 Romans got roasted/poisoned, and besides MBS's burns, Ne-Gok-Sa...
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March 2011 Louisville Tournament

Posted March 5th, 2011 at 09:02 PM by NecroBlade
Updated March 6th, 2011 at 08:45 PM by NecroBlade (*except for the fact that I won, this is a complete fabrication)
Our second monthly tournament of this year was Dragon Wars format, 450 points including a large/huge dragon.

I played "Olde Schoole":
150 Mimring
120 Arrow Gruts x3
120 Krug
050 Swog Rider x2
010 Isamu

Game 1 vs Kaleb on Fulcrum
He borrowed from me:
185 Nilfheim
180 Death Knights of Valkrill x3
075 Dumutef Guard x3
010 Otonashi

He led with Nilfheim, while my OMs went on AGs, naturally. Mimring tied Nilf up while AGs starting raining arrows on his sleeping Knights and Dumutefs, killing a couple of each. Nilf killed Mimring, but by then Krug caught up to him. Krug was half dead by the time he killed Nilfheim, then he and AGs traded with Death Knights until my team emerged victorious.

Result: Win; 1-0

Game 2 vs Arianna on Tree Rock
Her army:
185 Nilfheim
210 Knights of Weston x3
050 Marro Warriors

Nilf came...
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Feb. 2011 Louisville Tournament Report

Posted February 5th, 2011 at 07:34 PM by NecroBlade
Today marked the first of our monthly tournaments for this year. Here's what I played, who I played, and the results!

Format: 5-round swiss, 510 points, partial scoring.

My army-
220 Death Chasers of Thesk x4
110 Airborne Elite
080 Raelin (RotV)*
050 Me-Burq-Sa
050 Nerak

*I have now played each A+ unit once competitively.

Games and results.

Game 1 vs jschild on Burial Marsh
170 Moltenclaw
150 Gobin Cutters x3
150 Horned-Skull Brutes x2
035 Earth Elemental

Because of the start zones, my first-round AE Drop let me get off a good Grenade volley despite losing Initiative. Grenades were , , , and . That is hands-down my best round of Grenades ever. Brutes were a pretty even match for Chasers, but I had better numbers. Moltenclaw got off one great attack (that is one difficult special to avoid) before
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As Close As Multiplayer Heroscape Gets

Posted December 15th, 2010 at 02:22 PM by NecroBlade
This afternoon El Diabolo and his friend stopped by for some Heroscape.

First we played a few rounds of his gladiator variant, single combat in a small arena. It was quick fun.

Then I freehanded a 3-player map with lots of different terrain and lots of LoS blocking.

We played roughly 530 points. Here were the armies.

Marcus' (El D) "Steampunkroller"
210 Charos
300 Iron Golem x3
010 Isamu

Sean (whose army it turns out was 600 points, but who cares)
220 Captain America
080 Raelin 1
080 Kelda
120 Kaemon Awa
100 Krav Maga Agents

150 Marro Dividers x3
120 Raelin 2
200 Omnicron Snipers
060 Zetacron

There were a few treasure glyphs and we spent much of our early turns grabbing them up. Marcus' Charos got Disengage (scary ), Sean's Cap got +2 Attack (via Raelin), and my Raelin got Teleportation. Then Charos flew in,
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NHSD '10 Report

Posted October 9th, 2010 at 09:44 PM by NecroBlade
MegaSilver hosted this year's Louisville tournament today at Pet Shop comics. I had a blast with a fun army I put together at the last minute. The rules were 510 points, up to one Marvel figure. I'm at a sort of handicap with those rules, because it's really hard for me to play something that DOESN'T include Iron Man.

I went with the following, with almost no playtesting:

240 Iron Man
150 Major Q10 (standing in for War Machine)
120 Deathreavers x3

Round 1: My opponent, Shawn, had actually come with a couple friends intending to watch, but was talked into playing since we otherwise had an odd number of players. He played

220 Captain America
170 Sgt. Drake Alexander (SotM)
110 Airborne Elite

What a start to the tournament: iron-themed army vs soldier-themed army!

The Airborne dropped in the first round, but I was able to quickly engage them with Rats and even kill one. Cap and Drake came...
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