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December Release 1 - Kelda the Kyrie Warrior

Posted December 22nd, 2008 at 07:45 AM by NamibianScaper
December is a special month.

On Christmas we celebrate the incarnation of the eternal Lord. The incarnation means God the Word came to earth in human flesh. "In-Carne" = "in meat" (have you ever ordered chili "con carne" at a Mexican restaurant?). The Lord Jesus born as a baby.

We'll have special releases later this month as part of our Christmas celebration.

For now, we have release part 1 because earlier in the month we celebrate my Wife's birthday. One of her few birthday presents this year was Kelda the Kyrie Warrior.

She couldn't remember but a long time ago she talked about how cool it would be to have a healer figure. I'm the only one who really knows what other figures are out there so this was a surprise:

Kelda the Kyrie Warrior

Our comments - Kelda looks pretty cool. No one has commented on the blue trimmed wings in the picture yet but the fact that the final product didn't get that bugs me a little bit. She's got a real on-her-toes looking forward kind of pose like she's about to take flight. That staff is cool.

Unlike Emirroon who people say is easy to use, Kelda is actually easy to use. In the battle reported below, she healed Major Q10 for a total of 6 wounds in 3 activations. Even if she doesn't get to heal because she is attacked it's like giving 5 extra life to your army, the only difference being her average defensive value.

Wife was satisfied and won the game, even though Kelda only made it half-way through.

Here is a report of the first game we played with her on a 3-player Lava burst map.

Wife :
Kelda the Kyrie Warrior 80
Nilfheim 185
Major Q10 150
Krav Maga Agents 100
Agent Carr 100

Son :
Isamu 10
Kee-Mo-Shi 130
Su-Bak-Na 160
Runa 120
Syvarris 100
Raelin 80

Me :
Jotun 225
Ulginesh 150
Chardris 90
Arkmer 50
Kyntela Gwyn 20
Acolarh 80

I won the roll to go first with a 13 and moved Jotun 8 spaces toward Son's Army. Wife rolled out Q10 to the edge of her starting area and started blasting with the Machine Pistol. She put two wounds on Jotun with the first shot in the back but then he turned to defend the rest. Son used his first turn to engage Jotun with Su-Bak-Na and put another 3 wounds on him.

My whole plan was to throw Kee-Mo-Shi into lava and attack Raelin, who she had apparently Mind-shackled. I was prepared to disengage from Su-Bak-Na to do this but wasn't close enough yet. Jotun circled around him and attacked, doing no damage.

Wife, being an equal opportunist, unloaded her next Machine Pistol clip on Su-Bak-Na, doing 3 damage. Son attacked Jotun again but this time he blocked it.

Jotun ran for Kee-Mo-Shi, grabbed her, and heaved her with all his might toward the lava pool in the middle of the map, just short! (It was 5 spaces away.) She landed right on the edge and took 2 wounds in the fall. Then Jotun attacked Raelin for two wounds.

Wife, for some reason not wanting Son to be demolished by the rampaging giant, targeted Jotun with the Machine Pistol again, killing him in the first shot. Those first sneak attacks are deadly! Then she turned it on Kee-Mo-Shi and finished her off in one shot. Someone roll a shield against this guy! Again she turned on Su-Bak-Na and put a 4th wound on him.

Son decided to try and put an end to this. He flanked Syvarris out to the left side of his starting zone and started shooting arrows at Major Q10. Both of his first attacks were blocked.

I also thought this Q10 had shot up his fair share of guys so I started moving my Elves up to where he was at. Wife and I had adjacent starting zones, only separated by a castle wall. Q10 was just poking out in front of the wall. I fired at him with Chardris, rolling 2 skulls to 0 shields.

Now Wife had her first opportunity to heal with Kelda. She took her spot next to the castle wall and healed Q10's two wounds. Argh!

Son said he wasn't going to mess with that. He moved Syvarris up to where he had to stand on lavarock and let loose his arrows at Kelda doing a damage.

I attacked Major Q10 again doing another two wounds. The Major could not roll shields. And then Kelda healed him again!

Son shot arrows at Kelda again and did two wounds this time. He also took a lava damage. I shot another fireball at Major Q10, doing another two wounds. I advised Wife to step back to where I could not hit Q10 and try to take out Syvarris. Instead she healed him again, rolling an 18! That was three times for 6+ wounds.

This time Son took out Kelda completely. I noted that it would have been a lot better if she was backed up by Raelin. She noted she would have taken her if Kee-Mo-Shi hadn't mindshackled her to Son's team first.

I attacked Q10 doing 3 wounds this time and he came around the corner to get right in my face. He attacked Ulginesh with the Machine Pistol and Ulginesh blocked all 3 rolls that had skulls in them. Son kept it up with Syvarris. He moved up to height and attacked the Krav Maga Agents. He got lucky and caught one whiffing. He dodged the lava damage.

Using Chardris, I rolled my first attack against the now very close range Major Q10--four skulls. Previously he had rolled no shields whatsoever against me. He was saving them up to roll four shields and save himself from that attack. Thankfully with Mind Link I could follow that up with another attack from Arkmer which finished the Major off.

Wife switched to the Krav Maga Agents and started firing back at Syvarris. Chardris made quick work of him. I used my second turn with Mind Link to put Acolarh in the "tank" position near Wife's starting zone. Son charged at me with Su-Bak-Na who had one life left. That was an easy task for the Firepower Elves. Son's army was looking quite smallish with only Runa, Raelin, and Isamu left behind.

Wife brought the battle to me and moved her Krav Maga around our dividing wall where I had placed Acolarh. She shot Acolarh doing a couple of damage. The other Krav had to stay behind a ruin.

Son started moving Runa. Acolarh did a good job with his sword. He managed to take out one of the Krav. I didn't want to break up my Elf group to chase the other one around the wall. He came out and got the first shot at me, missing against Ulginesh.

Son's Runa was now in range. She moved in and rolled for Acolarh, Arkmer, Chardris, and Kyntela Gwyn. Everyone was safe for now. I spent both turns attacking Runa, knowing Wife was going to move Nilfheim over next. I did 3 damage to her and was glad she didn't die because I thought her Helm of Mitonsoul would be the best way to deal with the giant Dragon.

Nilfheim flew over and started blasting. He hit Runa and Ulginesh for a damage each. Chardris melted his 3rd Ice Attack with his outstretched fireball.

Runa started rolling again. Acolarh safe, Arkmer safe, Kyntela Gwyn safe, Ulginesh DESTROYED, Chardris safe, Nilfheim safe. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I could make this more dramatic. At least I was glad Wife would win her first game with her birthday Kyrie.

Runa attacked Acolarh and killed him in hand-to-hand combat.

Nilfheim starting blasting again. Runa died. Kyntela Gwyn died. Arkmer died.

I was down to Chardris alone. Son had Raelin and Isamu. Wife had Agent Carr (unmoved), Nilfheim, and a KMA.

Son went to move Isamu... I noted that Raelin had helped exactly 0 of his figures this game, whoops! He moved Raelin instead. I decided since Chardris' Melee attack was now stronger than his Fireball I should use that against Nilfheim. Probably a bad idea. Definitely didn't matter. Chardris got eaten by Nilfheim.

I congratulaged Wife on a good game - 3rd place for me.

Now it was just a matter of how long Isamu could disappear. I have solo'ed Nilfheim before with him and he had Raelin so it could have been interesting.

Wife left Nilfheim and the KMA in my start zone and activated Agent Carr... who just happens to be Isamu's Arch-Nemesis.

Carr used his pistol attack on Raelin. We have determined he almost never hits with that because his pistol is pointed down at the ground. Son moved up Isamu to join her. Wife got close with Agent Carr and attacked Isamu. He disappeared on the first try, came back, and did 0 damage to Agent Carr. Carr attacked again rolling 5 skulls with his Sword of Reckoning, which is definitely one of THE BEST names for a special ability in the game, and I think off the top of my head it is the highest damage enhancing ability in the game. (We usually refer to Agent Carr as "The Dragonslayer.") Isamu didn't Vanish. Raelin couldn't help him get up to 5 defense and roll 5 shields so he was gone. Unfortunately Wife had to use Agent Carr against Raelin to finish the game. Raelin did 2 damage to Carr which was a good showing for her.

Final Analysis.:
Wife did great. Major Q10 dealt a ton of damage before he blew up. Kelda healed him really nicely, making up for some really poor defensive rolls. If he would have blocked one or two more times or if he or the agents would have dealt with Syvarris, then they might have both even lived.

I've been doing a lot of analysis of the Firepower Elves. They also performed well for having no blockers except Acolarh... I could have built a stronger army with some defense but could not resist using Jotun to try and throw people into the lava. As soon as Ulginesh's Mind Link was broken via Runa (Acolarh couldn't even try to not save him!) it was over for me.

I was glad to see Son draft his "witch," Kee-Mo-Shi, again after a long layoff. And even though she didn't even get a turn to show why she became famous, at least she didn't land in the lavapool, "I'm melting! I'm melting!"
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Einar's puppy's Avatar
alright, that first part is really bothering me. Did you jsut say Jesus was born in meat???

I've heard people say manger, barn, bale of hay, but not meat yet...I'm probably wrong on what you meant.
Posted December 22nd, 2008 at 05:53 PM by Einar's puppy Einar's puppy is offline
NamibianScaper's Avatar
Hi, Einar's Puppy

To answer your question-- yes, sort of, but not the way He was "born in a manger." Here is some further explanation:
John 1:1 & 14 say, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God... And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth."

That part about 'the Word becoming flesh' is what we call the incarnation. Incarnation literally means "in meat" with meat referring to the human body/flesh.

What is significant about that is the astounding miracle that two vastly different natures--that of God and that of man but without sin could both reside in one person through the miracle of the virgin birth.

That claim has astounded followers of all kinds of religions and cults and especially nonbelievers for hundreds of years.

Believing it is key to believing the rest of the Gospel.

There's a good sermon on it by a guy named Mark Driscoll, here.
Posted December 23rd, 2008 at 07:38 AM by NamibianScaper NamibianScaper is offline
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