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Elf Army Toasts Again Battle Report

Posted December 4th, 2008 at 11:33 AM by NamibianScaper
Me :
Ulginesh* 150
Chardris 90
Jorhdawn 100
Arkmer 50
Acolarh* 80
Kyntela Gwyn 20
Emirroon 80
Warriors of Ashra x 3 150
Theracus 40

Wife :
Shiori* 60
Raelin rotv 80
Crixus 90
Krav Maga Agents 100
Tarn Viking Warriors 50
Nilfheim 185
Finn Viking Champ 80
Airborne Elite 110

Wife was sure she'd smash me in this game and I didn't bother arguing any differently. The map was the same as the last couple of reports--A wide map with a road down the middle. The teams start on either end of the road that crosses over a swampy part in the middle. A Wellspring overflowing a cliff into a waterfall sets the backdrop.

She started slowly with the Tarn Viking Warriors. I moved my Firepower Elves up to get quickly in range. As the Vikings were clumping on the step up to the bridge, I let loose the Rain of Flame. Three skulls caught 3 out of 4 Viking Warriors and Will Smith of the Krav Maga. The Agent was even in the range of Raelin's aura and couldn't roll a shield with 5 dice. They were TOA - toast on arrival.

Wife was suddenly seeing that she had competition to face. She activated Nilfheim and moved him toward me. I used the road bonus and Acolarh's bonus to move Emirroon so he could engage Nilfheim and try to summon Warriors of Ashra. I also wanted to get the Warrior girls close to the Krav Maga. Emirroon engaged Nilfheim but only managed to summon one Warrior in 3 turns. He also did 0 damage to Nilfheim. At the end of those few turns, both he and the unfortunate summoned were gone.

That was also Acolarh's first missed save. Emirroon was just slightly 'out of range'.

Before Nilfheim could continue his journey, the Airborne Elite dropped in. They landed right in front of my army since there was no chance of not getting initiative. Thankfully one grenade dudded. The rest did enough damage to make them worth it. Three Warriors of Ashra died and Acolarh failed all 3 saves. Jorhdawn took two wounds. Chardris took one. Ulginesh took two. The Elves quickly retaliated and used the opportunity to move into better positions for Nilfheim who was soon to arrive.

Nilfheim got height at the end of the bridge with my Elf Army in front of him. He started targeting Jorhdawn, Chardris, and Ulginesh each turn. I placed Kyntela Gwyn in a nice position as the Elves moved forward which helped them stay alive. I also delayed him by engaging him with some remaining Warriors of Ashra. Those two Warriors bravely gave their lives and Acolarh failed at saving both of them. Thankfully the Firepower Elves work better than he does. Arkmer and Chardris did Nilfheim in and Wife wanted to give up.

I encouraged her to continue and her next move was to send Finn charging in. I wasn't very afraid of his 3 attack so I didn't kill him off immediately. I used the opportunity to move everyone into better positions and take the bridge for myself. Eventually he died and his attack + 1 went to Crixus.

The three remaining Warriors of Ashra headed across the bridge. The Krav Maga took two unsuccessful shots before the Warriors took away their Stealth Dodge ability. Even with 5 defense dice because of Raelin they were no match for the Defensive Agility of the Elves. Axes and Swords beat guns. I think the last viking got randomly blasted somewhere in there when the Firepower Elves moved up.

With three Warriors of Ashra guarding the front of the bridge, Crixus was set to be highly frustrated. He could have taken disengagement strikes and drudged through the swamp to get at the Wizards but kept trying to beat the Elves instead. He did strike down two of them but in the time that took, the Elves burnt him alive. That took several turns and Crixus took wounds on almost all of them. I also wasted a turn getting Acolarh in position.

At that point Wife was down to just Shiori and Raelin and really wanted to quit. She kept Raelin out of range of most of my Elves so I started using Ulginesh alone to run her down. He was very good at that--superior move, range, and attack since you can almost always get height with him.

Shiori, all alone, moved up to the bridge and then through all of my guys on the bridge to attack Kyntela Gwyn. She attacked once to no avail and then got blasted by Arkmer and Chardris for the win.

Final Analysis: The Elves simply dominated. With a little help to tie down Nilfheim, he was no match for them. Arguably Wife could have been a little more conservative with both her use of the Airborne Elite and Nilfheim. She could have kept Raelin closer to the action in the early and middle game but I think those strategies would have just drug it out. My entire army minus Emirroon and 8 Warriors of Ashra were alive at the end.

Ulginesh* (150) (80)
Chardris (90)/Arkmer (50) They were a team. Except for the AE, I don't think either of them toasted anyone alone. (537.5)
Jorhdawn (100) (70.8 )
Acolarh* (80) Nothing! -8 for Missed Saves
Kyntela Gwyn (20) She did her job.
Emirroon (80) Nothing! 1 Summon in 4 tries!
Warriors of Ashra x 3 (150) (66.7)
Theracus (40) Didn't move.
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scottishlad5's Avatar
Well played, I guessed right, they are a great army when lead by a good leader.
Posted December 6th, 2008 at 09:45 PM by scottishlad5 scottishlad5 is offline
gmartin's Avatar
WOW nice job
Posted December 14th, 2008 at 12:55 PM by gmartin gmartin is offline
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