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My favorite tools

Posted May 6th, 2008 at 10:25 PM by rdhight
There are quite a few good Heroscape resources out there, whole categories of them that I'm not going to touch on; these are just the particular ones I find myself using the most and putting the most stock in. Thanks to everyone who contributed to any of these. If you've got some spare rep, these are some great places to send it.

  • The Books of Heroscape and of Marvelscape
    The first place you should go when you have a question or dispute. If reading the card and the Book thread doesn't answer your question there, the Book of the appropriate unit is a great place to ask it. And the Books are just a good general-purpose guide. I'm very lazy about looking up a unit online when the actual card is right in the next room!

  • Official Basic FAQ (opens as webpage) and Advanced FAQ (opens as PDF)
    Read these before you post. No, really. Read them. Before you post.

  • Wikipedia's "List of Heroscape Supplements"
    Wikipedia's Heroscape content is... odd. As of this post, it has a lot of individual pages for race and class sub-types, which would seem to be useful only to actual players as opposed to shoppers or the curious. But then it lacks the detailed mechanical information that players would actually want. Odd. Anyway, this page is very useful for figuring out who is packed together and which products came out when.

  • Character Table by GaryLASQ
    This table of all Heroscape units will automagically reorder itself by whatever stat or leftbox item you want. Not to be missed. Of course, once you have all the numbers you want, you'll need...

  • Sisyphus' Probability Tables
    ...but he doesn't actually do all the math for you, so on to...

  • Heroscape One-on-One Matchup Calculator by mathguy and a thread about it here
    ...this great applet. Seriously, this thing sometimes needs a little coaxing to come up with the most meaningful response, and there are plenty of questions it doesn't answer, but it still rocks. Mathguy is the Q9 of theoryscape.

  • What's in an Order Marker? (and sequels) by Jexik
    Leaving statistics behind, we enter the subjective side of things. Of all the strategy guides I've seen, I like Jexik's Order Marker series the best. It combines army-building, order-marker placement itself, and actually taking your turns, all within one framework; few articles are as useful.

  • Heroscape Power Rankings by spider_poison
    I don't play tournaments, but these grades have very high credibility with me.

  • Tournament Armies Played by R˙chean and Competitive Tournament Champion Armies by gamjuven
    You have to take these for what they are. An army that someone took to a tournament is just that, nothing more. It doesn't mean it was a good idea for him to bring that army or that there's anything special about it. Even an army that won a tournament in the past is not guaranteed to work well on different maps or against new problem units. But lists of tournament armies were hard to find when I joined, and I'm glad to have so many of them now.
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Thanks rdhight, for blogging about your favorite resources and giving my site some props.
Posted May 8th, 2008 at 12:18 AM by GaryLASQ GaryLASQ is offline
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