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A Savage Journey to a Savage Tourney

Posted May 18th, 2011 at 11:30 AM by kolakoski
Well met!

At last! We go to Maryland! Alas! Without Sherman (work issues). The Gang of Four (-1) is traveling to Dad's My Time to Shine in Savage[,] Maryland. (Should the comma be deleted?) Taeblewalker, chas, and I, four hours in one small car, a night in one small room (stereo snoring), equals one Savage weekend. Hopefully, there will be plenty of places where I can find some late-night amusement (get into trouble?).

Armies for My Time to Shine are limited to "B" or lower units. I am fielding:

240 WoB x 3
140 WWL
100 Syvarris
480, 12 spaces

In this format, and from various posts by those attending, there will be lots of Wolves being played (and a number of Syvarrises, I'm sure), so I am re-painting them. I have already put a coat of the silver I used om my razor for Sweeney Todd on the Wolves, Syvarris' bow, and the Werewolf Lord's paws. (I wanted to re-paint more of the Wolf Lord, but, as an unskilled...

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