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Thoughts on D2

Posted August 25th, 2010 at 06:10 PM by Kaemon Awasome
Okay, so I finally got a hold of the D2 that I ordered, and here are my thoughts on the look, feel, and (gasp) the bases of the units. (Not quite all of them, mind you, just the notables, good and bad.)

Heirloom - Looks sweet. I can't wait to try him with the Warforged. I've been overlooking him in the theoryscaping, but I will be interested to see if his special attack is sufficient, leaving me with just a heavy hitter to pair with the WS.

Kurrok - Only complaint here is wishing he were Ullar instead Utgar.

Rhogar Dragonspine - By far my favorite sculpt and overall feel. I love his stats, abilities and overall theme. HOW COOL WOULD IT BE IF HE BONDED WITH THE GREENSCALES!!?

Shurrak - Solid sculpt once I got over the weird charcoal face. He has that heavy feeling that he should have. "Knockback" is kind of a kiddy name. Makes me think of when I was little and made up names for my own special powers as my brother...

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