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A Yellow Wood A meandering path of musings about favorite figures.

The Lady and the Tiger... sans Tiger

Posted March 26th, 2009 at 12:33 PM by Aldin
Shiori raced up the back side of the hill, ducking behind a jungle tree. Sometimes, if you were patient and quiet, they ignored you until it was too late. Glancing out from behind the brush she saw the Nakita Agent below. Smoke powder was no bar to a ninja with shuriken, and the lovely lady fell – a thin rivulet of blood fanning from her neck. Now, without the Nakita blocking the way, that Krav Maga Agent was about to taste her Kunai…

Ah Shiori! She of the awkward abilities and cost. How could it be that she should capture my heart? Is it because she’s an underdog? Partly, perhaps mostly. The truth is that when I look at her I see hidden depths. I see a lady who can accomplish important tasks when a situation arises that fits her abilities.

Unlike the Deathstalkers, Shiori wasn’t love at first sight. If anything, I didn’t much care for her. But as her list of vocal detractors grew, I sought to know her better. And I’ve grown to appreciate who she is. She isn’t...
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