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Week@HS Revival - Week #11

Posted February 16th, 2013 at 11:37 AM by truth

The C3V/SoV section has now been renamed VC in honor of their new joint title. We also bring you yet another new monthly section, Fan Art of the Month (headed by The Grim Reaper's Friend)!

This week, we bring you a bevy of DC goodness! The Green Lantern Mogo map is a relatively new addition to C3G and is meant to represent the largest of all Green Lanterns and the place GLs go to relax, Mogo the living planet! Beautiful to look at and both symmetrical and thematic, its great fun to play with those Lanterns of any hue!

This map makes for a great place to pit your Green Lanterns up against their nemesis, The Sinestro Corps! Right now, C3G is working on a new member of their army to join...
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Week@HS Revival - Week #10

Posted February 9th, 2013 at 11:51 AM by truth

Please give a warm welcome to Spidey'tillIDie, head C3G Communications Officer and Picture Poster Extraordinaire (C3G COPPE for short ) and newest member to the Week@HSers family.

We are also featuring our second new monthly article, Fan Fiction of the Month! Each month we will feature the first chapter of a fan fic for your enjoyment, written by the members of this site!

Ever have trouble picking an army for your C3G game? Well not any more! A3n has created tons of C3G armies for you to use. He has sorted them through numerous point groups and painstakingly made draft cards for your convenience!

C3V & SoV
This week we give a sneak peek into an esteemed C3V member's collection ... Xotli! He has quite the collection and was kind enough to snap a pic for us. Whew ... I sure can't wait for them all to be released!*

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Week@HS Revival - Week #9

Posted February 5th, 2013 at 12:40 PM by truth

Enjoy our new addition of the Custom SuperScape Creations section! This section will take one card or map that our team thinks is great from the wide selection of choices by you custom creators!

This week, we bring you a primal map perfect for battles! The Savage Land map is beautiful to look at and fun to play with it's nice blending of terrain. Both the big and small water falls give it a deceptive serene feel, quickly broken by soldiers being sucked into tar pits and experiencing hot lava death!
All-in-all this is a great map to play on, and with the growing interest in GoogleScape, terrain is no longer a problem (and when Satanus comes out, you'll even get a dinosaur)!

C3V & SoV
The C3V is working hard to produce new units ......
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Posted January 31st, 2013 at 09:00 AM by truth
DISCLAIMER: This is not official. This is a fan made custom project.

This is what we have previously created and released: C3G Books of Index
This is what we have created and are currently releasing: C3G Promotions Department
This is where you can go to get started with C3G (Comics Customs Creators Guild): Welcome to C3G!!!


C3G's first release of 2013 is here! Could this be the beginning of the end for all mutant kind!? C3G presents Wave 16: X-Tinction Agenda!


In the sub-basement of 1407 Greymalkin Lane, Armor's psionic shield deflected a pair of whistling mutant seeking missiles. With quick response, Bishop began a timeslip pursuit...
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Week@Hsers January 27th

Posted January 27th, 2013 at 06:58 PM by truth
Week@Hsers January 20th

Welcome back to Week@Hsers! With the New Year here, I hope to breathe some life back into this project! So without further ado...

Here we have the newest released C3G Public Exclusive, Firestar!

With a devastating range attack, she's like a Super Hero Zelrig! Her bonding with Mutants and Crime Fighters also opens up a plethora of fun strategies and scenarios!

C3V & SoV
The newest release from SoV, Beakface Sneaks, make a nice addition to Einar's ranks.

They work well in large groups, moving their forces around quickly by attacking the enemy. Their Evasive 3 makes them hard to kill and Glide gives them the maneuverability to get around the map like the quick little assassins they...
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