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Hurricane Heroscape!

Posted August 27th, 2011 at 07:08 PM by kolakoski
Well met!

The only fresh water in leagues is here, at the Fountain of Life! Will it be Life or Death for those who land here seeking it?

The Map.

The Map is relatively tiny, being roughly rectangular in shape, 20 hexes long by 15 hexes wide, with a 1-3 hex wide Sand Beach all around it. At each end is a small Swamp pool containing a Hive, with 3 Jungle bushes, 1 at the very end nearest the shortest, narrowest stretch of beach, and 2 nearer the center. At the center is a raised 2 hex pool of Water (the Fountain), bounded by Marvel Black double hexers, on a small Rock plateau, featuring 2 long Ruins.

The Set Up.

Each player will have a 7-hexer Ship's Boat, upon which he must fit his 500 point Water Party, comprised solely of unique heroes. Due to the current Hurricane conditions, there is no flying, and no non-adjacent attacks are possible. In addition, the howling of the wind is such that no units creating auras or
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