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3. Masha Shingai vs Romans and Redcoats

Posted October 29th, 2018 at 01:49 AM by Astroking112
Highways and Dieways
Glyphs: Move +2, Unique Attack +1
500 Points

Army 1: Masha Shingai, Raelin, Tagawa Samurai Archers x5 (495)
Army 2: Marcus Decimus Gallus, Me-Burq-Sa, Roman Legionnaires x3, 10th Regiment of Foot x2, Siiv (490)

What Units Survived?
Marcus Decimus Gallus (2 wounds), 1 Roman Legionnaire, 2 10th Regiment of Foot, Siiv (no wounds)
~150 Points

Game Summary:
Me-Burq-Sa and the Romans won initiative, quickly claiming the movement glyph. Masha rushed out to engage some Romans, and a stray TSA managed to engage Me-Burq-Sa. Unwilling to be tied down, Me-Burq-Sa took a wound from a leaving engagement attack, but managed to take down some archers with him.

With Masha further away from my starting zone and the Roman Legionnaires being the main opposing force, I was finally able to abuse the line-of-sight-blocking trees and 4 range on the aura to avoid it the next round, only losing...

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