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New Figure Impact

Posted June 3rd, 2009 at 11:43 AM by Jexik
I'm starting to wonder if any new figures can have a huge impact on the way that Heroscape is played.

1. The order marker system encourages the use of commons.

2. Controlling a point on a map encourages the use of high defense figures or powerful uniques.

3. Height advantage and the engagement mechanics (and its effect on target selection) encourage the use of ranged units.

4. In response to point 1, you want multiple (>=3) attacks per order marker to deal with squads.

5. In response to point 2, you want moderately powerful attacks (>=3A) to defeat uniques and high defense figures.

I'm not sure if any one figure can really change any of these 5 things. (Note that an army need not fit all criteria, but at least 3 is a good idea). Even if something does change one of these rules or is a hard counter for your army, there is such a wide range of viable stuff out there that you can't fret too...

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