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Michigan Monster Mash 2011

Posted June 27th, 2011 at 10:38 PM by ZBeeblebrox
So this past weekend we had another Michigan Tournament. This time it was a Monster Mash based on the GenCon event of the same name.

Here is how the participants fared:

1. Yakroller 3-0 (Heavy Gruts x4, Grimnak, Tornak, Nerak)
2. Katie/Drew 2-1 (Nilfheim, Q9, Zetacron, Deathreavers x3) {Loss to Yakroller}
3. Grombloodboy 2-1** (Zombies x6, Zombie Hulk x3) {Loss to Yakroller}
4. XC_Runner (w/Shelby in training) 2-1 (Fen Hydra x2, Q10, Raelin [rotv], Deathreavers x2) {Loss to Grombloodboy}
5. ZBeeblebrox 1-2 (Ogre Pulverizers x2, Goblins x3, Horned Skull Brutes x2, Me-Burq-Sa) {Losses to Katie/Drew & XC_Runner}
6. Tornado 1-2 (Braxas, Krug, Me-Burq-Sa, Raelin, Atlaga) {Losses to Yakroller and ZBeeblebrox}
7. Rednax 1-2 (Sujoah, Wyvern x2, Spiders x4) {Losses to XC_Runner & Katie/Drew}
8. Damja 0-3 (Kurrok, Fire Elemental x8, Zetacron, Theracus, Me-Burq-Sa) {Losses to Grombloodboy, Rednax,...
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