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First Blog- Custom Help Needed

Posted June 9th, 2009 at 12:57 AM by ElvenEnvy
I became a site supporter about a month ago and one of the perks I get for it is this blog. My original intent was to make my first post something really special. As my ambition kicked out with the start of summer and my summer job has set in my hopes for a special first post have evaporated.
Now I present to you a custom idea I need some help with. I'm not sure what the point cost should be for this unit. If I get this issue resolved I'll probably enter it into the "not an exlcusive contest".

The figure is the Arrow Grut with his tongue sticking out repainted with flesh tone skin , grey armor, and red straps. His bow will be a lighter brown, his ponytail turned into a hat with a red bob, and red blotching around the ears and other nonhuman looking parts.

Titinius Gallus
Einar Human Archer unique Hero Earth Precise Medium 4
Life 5
Move 5
Range 7
Attack 3
Defense 3
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